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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

From FINLAND -- Team Lounging!

Our Finnish furriend, Harris, an' his fambly have submitted their entry into the Team Lounging competition with a stellar group effort!  Check all SIX of them out as they take advantage of a sunny day soakin' in the sunshine on their outdoor deck or in the green, green grass!  (The only time WE get to go outside is in a PTU to visit the v-e-t at Banfield).  Charmee and I are so jealous!  Our "sunny spot" on the bed or at the windowsill just doesn't compare to real honest-to-goodness OUTSIDE!

If you wanna make a trip to this Finland bloggie, check out Harris's fambly at PIKKUPUNAPIPPURI an' brush up on your Finnish!  

How will Harris an' fambly stack up against the stiff competition in this event?  Stay tuned to find out!  Just ten days left to submit your entry photograph for the Cat-O-Lympics Team Lounging!

1.  Two or more competitors must be photographed lounging together in the same frame.  1 Point

2.  Grouping.   Six competitors in frame 4 Points

3.  Costumed participant(s).  0 Points

4.  Unconsciousness.  1 Point

5.  Unorthodox lounging platform.  0 Points

6.  Artistic displays.  Similar colored uniforms are paired two times 2 Extra Points

7.  Humor.   0 points

Total:  8 Points


Angel and Kirby said...

Outside lounging! That looks fun!

SuziQCat said...

How do we enter the team lounging event?