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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Happy Birfday to Angel Cocoa Puff

Back in 1997, the Lady was at the stabby place waiting to pick up Angel Huckleberry when a pair of skinny black arms wif long, sharp clawrs reached out from a little square cage an' gwabbed her leg.  The skinny arms belonged to a black froot bat who was trying to convince the Lady to take him home wif her.  He was five weeks old an' weighed twelve ounces.  He had a loooong black tail, but no whiskers.  He had broken them off.  The Lady tried to ignore him, but he made that impossible when he tipped his water bowl over and drug the empty dish into his litter box so that he could stand atop it and be bigger!  The Lady 'dopted him and the techs at the stabby place were furry happy to see him go 'cuz he was noisy an' a pest.  They had named him 'Killer' ... The Lady immediately changed his name to Cocoa Francis Puff.  They were furry happy together.  He was neither noisy nor a pest the whole remainder of his life.

Happy birthday to Cocoa Francis at the Bridge.