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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Shopping ... We SCORED!

Mom had some coupons, so she went shopping today and came back with bags and bags of good stuff for us. She had some "Smarty Cat" catnip, two big bags of our favorite Eukanuba, some Royal Kanin "baby cat" for Fudgie's delicate tummy, some more cans of shrimp Sheba, and treats, too. We SCORED! She also had lunch out with Grandma and brought back half a turkey sandwich for us. We love our turkey almost as much as our pork. Mom says that they put too much meat on a sandwich ... In my book, there's never too much meat. I'll gladly take it off of her hands ... She prefers that I leave the fingers, though.

It still looks as gray and gloomy as it did yesterday. The a/c was on 'cause it's still really humid, but it looks like it might rain. I sure wish that it would so that Mom won't be so uncomfortable at work. I'm glad that it's the weekend ... I got to cuddle a lot last night and Mom slept in until 9 AM this morning. Charmee was happy because he likes to lay on her legs.

Charmee had to have two pimples removed. I've noticed that only the white and orange Feline Americans tend to get cat pimples. We dark furred cats don't get them. Charmee bit Mom when she took the pimple off of his lip. Yuck. Do you all get those horrible dark spots? I told Charmee that the "cat fairy" left them last night because he didn't do a good enough job of washing his face. He told me that he plans to catch the "cat fairy" and give her what for ... We'll see if he does a better clean-up job tonight.

DaisyMae Maus


PrincessMia said...

Awesome! It sounds like you guys got a lot of good stuff and the turkey was an added bonus.

Sadie said...

I fink ur rite bout the blechheds. I haf a blak chin an Speedy cat has a gray chin an we don gets em. Gramma Patches has a wite chin an she usta getted em alla time. Mommy gots difrent boles an now she don get em.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

we're all black all offur an so no one would know if we effun had those things. good haul on the food stuff!

Rascal said...

Wow, your Mom scored bigtime for kitties. Good job, DaisyMae's Mom.

Petey said...

Us darkies don't get the dirty chins. My sissyfur, Luna, and my bruddy, Punkin, and my sissyfur, Sooner gets the dirty chins and Luna gets it real bad and has even been to the V-E-T for it.

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