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Friday, July 28, 2006

Thank goodness it's Fur-riday!

The a/c has been on all day even though it looked really cloudy and gloomy from my vantage point on the front windowsill. Mom is supposed to be ours all weekend for naps, and games of "fetch" and laser beam pen (she promised all week). Lucky Charmz is hoping that his Eeeek! (the pink one) is dry enough to play with. Mom found it floating in the water dish, so she hung it up with those pinchy clothespins to dry it out. Don't tell Lucky, but Mom also dips it into some fresh catnip for him after he attempts a toy drowning. Mom is really sneaky that way.

The best thing though is that when Mom got home about a half hour ago, she had bags from PetSmart. I supervised as she put the Sheba cans into our cupboard. She even let me select our treat for this evening after she has her dinner (and we mooch). I chose Alaskan King Crab as the paté du jour (we tuxedo cats need to know a little French to keep up our mystique). Mom squashed and divided our treat into our six dishes and we MUNCHED OUT! Oh, it was so, so good.

Some cats have been interested in our Crock Pot deliciousness. I've watched Mom when she makes cooking attempts and it doesn't look very hard. She is good at dumping stuff into the pot and then selecting some spices. Mom likes parsley, onions, rosemary, garlic (only a little ... she's not one of those "BAM!!!" kind of cooks). She likes the roasting types of chickens that she puts in whole with some 'tatoes and carrots and slivered onions and celery. Sometimes she puts in apple slices and a cinnamon stick ... that makes the chicken nicely pink and aromatic. She's also a fan of black pepper, but it makes Fudgie sneeze when he is "watching". Fudgie is big on being carnivorous. I guess that I am, too. Sparky Fuzzypants has the occasional salad. Cocoa Puff likes it when she cooks asparagus, but he stinks up the litterbox when he's been eating his spears. He likes them lots. Probably because they're expensive. I don't like veggies. Pumpkin only eats cat food. If it's not purchased at PetSmart or Petco, Pumpkin won't touch it. I guess he's a purist. I just think that he's a food snob. I'll eat just about anything. When I was an outside cat, I used to follow the youngest kid around and eat whatever he dropped. I ate lots of pepperoni and pizza crust. That diet wasn't good for my girlish figure or my health. Mom has been great for my health. I get lots of the good stuff. Lucky Charmz likes "audience participation" ... He likes to sit on the counter and watch Mom assemble stuff. She has to be careful when she uses the oven because he's been known to try to jump in with whatever is going to be cooked. He can be a pain in my butt, but I'd miss him if he got cooked.

Enjoy your Fur-riday! I'm gonna cuddle with Mom and watch television. Maybe she'll put in a dvd ... or watch some of the stuff that we've been "taping" on the Tivo ... I hope that she doesn't erase my "SpongeBob" episodes ...

DaisyMae Maus


Beau said...

Mom has one of those pots, but she hasn't used it lately. We LOVE chicken. We do NOT like the BAM guy!

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

mmmmm - sounds yummy at your house. we're hoping the Lady brings home some HAM today!

Lone Star Purrs said...

Reading 'bout y'alls crockpot made momma go pull hers out last night! She madded chili..yum! smells yummy, but we don't eat it!