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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Num, num ... Barbecued pork!

At about 6:00 PM, Fudgie started acting weird ... He was head-butting the front door and meowing as loudly as his geriatric voice can meow. Knowing his reluctance to expend any kind of energy for no visible reason, I stood beside him and tried to figure out the method to his madness. Lo and behold! Mom pulled into the driveway and she had a bag with a take-out container from the Chinese place! Fudgie had smelled the bbq pork as it was coming up the street in Mom's car. He's just AMAZING!

Mom buys some take-out for herself, but always gets a third item in her combo for Fudgie. He LOVES the bbq pork. Mom tortures us by cleaning out the litter boxes, re-filling the water and food dishes, listening to the phone messages, and opening windows. When she finally settles down with a knife and the cutting board, Fudgie is nearly beside himself with anticipation. She chops up his pork putting two-thirds of it into the freezer for his daily "snack" ... He yowls and howls from his spot beside her dining room chair until she starts hand feeding him. He has very few teeth, but he always manages to bite her fingers at least once. Mom even gives Lucky Charmz and me some of the pork, but Fudgie doesn't really like to share. Tonight, we got lots, but Fudgie got enough to fill him up.

I suppose Fudgie would like it if I gave a shout-out to his favorite restaurant: CJ Oriental Express. Fudgie is their number one fan!

DaisyMae Maus


Kitty Cats Corner said...

I keep askin Warm (mom) if I can have Chinese yummies for my birfday.

I love the chicken outta the chicken & little trees. Warm calls it somefin like brocc-oli. *shrugs* Looks like trees to me.

Purrs - Your furrends over @ the Kitty Cats Corner

The Meezers said...

I likes the pig, but not the pig sauce - Miles

Ayla said...

Hmmm. BBQ pork, eh? The Mom gets chinese all the time but she never got any of that for us. Mooooom? I want BBQ pork!!! At least she knows to get extra burger when she goes out to Burger King for us.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

furrst ya tease us wif fev-vers yesterday, an today yur teasin us wif oinky goodness! yur mom better be happy she doesn't haf Midnight in her house on account of Midnight has razor sharp talons an knows how ta use 'em. anyfing the humans are eatin gets quietly an swiftly snagged by Midnight's talented claws an ya better not try ta avoid her or she'll "accidentally" claw the heck outta yur hand while givin you the Sweet & Innocent look.

Finnegan & Buddy said...

Wow! Fudgie sure has yore bean well-trained. Would he be willing to share his training tekneeks wif us? I fink we could all use his wisdom. We wood be willing to pay wif some treets if necessary...

Finny & Buddy

Derby said...

Yum chinese takeout. Mum shares her stuff with me too. Shripmies, chicken etc.

Yeah Fudgie way to get the BBQ.