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Friday, September 01, 2006

Labor Day?

Mom was happy this afternoon when she finally got home from work. She had been to the bank. She had been to the store. She'd bought a wedding present and two giftcards for her student aides. She even went to redeem Puffy's birthday coupon at Petco (he got a sample-sized Feline Greenies as a present). Mom kept saying, "Labor Day weekend. Labor Day weekend." I'm not quite sure what that means, but I do know that "weekend" means sleeping late, extra pets, and some pizza ... I like pizza.

Since she got back from her weekend in Jet City, Mom hasn't been quite rested. She's still running on fumes. Sometimes I wish that I could stop that noisy clock on the bedside table and let her sleep for a little while longer in the morning. Charmee always gets upset when Mom gets up and disturbs the little cocoon that he's made in the covers. Apparently, this Labor Day thing means three days of cuddles instead of the usual two ... I can get behind that and Charmee will be very happy indeed.

Mom shut the front door a few minutes ago because people were walking by and staring into the house through the security door. They were admiring us ... I could hear them talking about the pretty black and white one sitting on the back of the LaZ-Boy. That's definitely me. I could understand why Mom closed the door, though ... She was mentioning "privacy" and "peeping" ... She doesn't even like it when Charmee peeps under the bathroom door and grabs at her feet when she's brushing her teeth or washing her face. She was really annoyed when he managed to pop the bathroom door open and jump into the shower with her. He can be a real nuisance. Can you believe that he did this TWICE in one week? He got really wet the second time and dried off by sitting on Mom's pillow.

Gotta go ... Mom's opening our dinner can and I think that it's grilled chicken Sheba tonight.
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Beau said...

Mom's older sister was born on a labor day. I like getting extra cuddle days. Your dinner sounds good! Hope you enjoyed it!!