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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Wonk Removed! Peepers stunningly golden once more!

My wonky eye is all better. Mom put me in a headlock (with much protesting on my part). My squealing and hissing attracted an audience of interested Feline Americans ... You'd think that those guys would try to gang up on Mom to free me, but ... NO. After all, there are FIVE of them and they could overpower her, right? What weenies!!! They make me sick! Those useless panty-waists sat at Mom's feet and watched as Mom wiped my eye and put drops in BOTH of them. I did exact a little revenge by sneezing drops in Mom's face, but she held fast and dosed me again with something she calls "tears" ... I'll show her tears!! Anyway, the wonk is gone and I can see clearly today. Apparently, I had been cleaning my face too thoroughly and managed to get a piece of fur from my mitt in my eye. That'll teach me to be fastidious, huh? I hate wonk.

Mom came home happy today. The air conditioner at her job is now fixed. She won't be coming home all melty and exhausted ... just the usual exhausted. I think that I may be able to persuade her to come home earlier now ... Thanks for the suggestions. "Pooping on the pillow" will just make Mom upset. She has a hard enough time with the litterboxes and our Sheba. Some mornings, she has to clean the boxes while wearing a bandana over her face. Do we stink that much?? I know that Cocoa Puff does because ... whewwww ... that big boy eats vast amounts of kibbles (I've secretly nicknamed him "Bowels of Hell" ... Don't tell him, okay??) Anyway, the added stench would just make Mom ill. I'll have to come up with a more socially acceptable way. Keep your thinking caps on ...

DaisyMae Maus


Ayla said...

Sounds like you have the same problem as me: annoying siblings. The Brats would never help me out either. Bah.

katnippia said...

I hate it when my mommy gives me any type of meds. I always end up wrapped in a towel, and Shania( annoying husky)sticking her nose in my face. my kitty roommates don't bother to help me out either.
Good luck on getting your mommy to come home early. We try the sad lil meow, with the moeppy face. it just makes her feel bad about going to work. - Sia

George, Tipper, Max & Misty said...

Oh DaisyMae! I'm getting eye drops too...and I HATE them! That, plus the antibiotics is more than I can stand, so I've sneezed in Mom's face several times to show my disapproval.

Maxwell Smartkitty