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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Can I be in love with a litter box??

Okay ... I've got to know. Is it odd that I've fallen deeply in love with my new litter boxes? Those two litter boxes that Mom ordered from PetSmart last week arrived yesterday afternoon. Mom was disappointed that the hot-n-sexy guy in the brown panel truck didn't arrive when she was at home, but what do I care? I just wanted to try out the new box. Mom decided to hedge her bets by dumping the old litter into the garbage for today's trash collection, but keeping the old Booda boxes wrapped in a leaf bag in the backyard just in case.

Anyway, the box that the litter boxes came in was HUGE ... In fact, to quote a certain Feline Empress in Exile, the new litter boxes were "ginormous" and could hold "squillions" of treats (Big hint, Mom!). Mom unpacked the two new plastic wonders and attempted to follow the directions for assembly. I helped by getting into the litter box while she was trying to assemble it. I was assuring the accurate assembly of the boxes ... Just call me Ms. Quality Control (but don't tell the Teamsters). She filled both boxes with a canister and a half of litter each (I like plenty of scratchin' sand in my box). She stacked them in our special spot and waited. Cocoa Puff was the first to use the box ... Can you believe that his Royal Wideness fit in the box comfortably?? Me, either!!! So he used the box and Mom came trucking over to do the "tilt, sift, and remove" ... And it worked! No scooping. No touching the litter! Mom was amazed and I was in love!

If you've got any kind of pull with your humans, start begging for these boxes NOW while they're still on sale and available at PetSmart (or wherever you can find them). The stink is so much less noxious! I can even use the box after Puffy now! Whoo hoo! Long live our EZ clean boxes.

DaisyMae Maus


Lone Star Purrs said...

We gots a Litter Maid (no, not Momma). It's scoops itself 15 minutes after we're done. It's purrty cool.

Hot(M)BC said...

Mom says "hmmmmmmm". I fink that means she's considering getting us one.
~~ Mini

DEBRA said...

Nice to have somefink else handle the poo patrol!


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

that sounds amazing! we'll check into that. our Lady thought maybe the teenagers would help with litter box cleanup, but 'parently they said "yuk" and that was the end of that

DaisyMae Maus said...

You've got to get one ... They don't have any mechanical parts to scare (I don't like noisy machines like vacuums, so the LitterMaid was out-of-the-question for me). Even GRANDMA likes the new boxes. She did the "rock 'n' roll" with the bottom box and was astonished by the quickness and lack of mess. Neat! We got the jumbo sized ones since Cocoa is just too puffy for the small one. Our two, after tax and shipping, cost $75.00 ... Mom says that they're worth each and every penny.

DM Maus