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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Remembering an Original Feline American: Percy

It's been more than a year since Percy crossed the Rainbow Bridge (July 15, 2005). Mom was looking through some photos yesterday and I suggested that she post a photo of Percy. He was one of the original four kittens. Along with their mother, Meemaw, Mom raised three of the four kittens (one was stolen and died very young). Mom told me that when Percy was a tiny boy, his fur wouldn't lay down and he looked like a Brillo pad. Mom tried washing him with conditioning pet shampoo, but only succeeded in making the fur more of a mess.

Percy's Gotcha Day was August 4, 1988, so he was born around the 4th of July. His littermates were Cookie Monster, Lacey Bunns, and the stolen kitten was Tiger. Percy was LOUD. He was known for saying, "Rrrhhhhaaaaaa" in the most obnoxious possible way (and always when it was least expected).

He had gorgeous platinum fur when he reached adulthood. Mom used to call him "Persnickety" or "Dicky-Doo" ... He was great at purring like a psycho and had a bodacious flab-skirt that he liked to have aggressively groped (the phrase, "a grab of jiggly flab," was coined with Percy in mind).

I miss you, "Doo," even though you used to taunt me and take my snacks.

DaisyMae Maus


The Meezers said...

awww, Percy looks like a furry nice kitty. He lived a long time like Trixie and Norton did - they was borned in 1988 too!

The Tower Hill Mob said...

Percy looks like a big cuddly boy. Purr factories are good...

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

brillo pad kittens are adory-bull! i was kinda messy myself when i was a baby - not like Midnight an Grr wif their nice silky fur. but now i'm the softest, so HA!

hey - if you know anybuddy wif sum extra cash who loves helpin fluffies, point them to our bloggie please. we know of a baby who needs help an he's way cute

Gemini said...

The Iggy cat was born around then too. It must have been a good year for cats.

DEBRA said...

What an adorable name, Percy. I bet he was a handful, huh? Wish I couldn't known him, I am sure he was as colorful of a character as I am. I am loud too...we could've had a contest to see who wuz the loudest!

THE ZOO said...

ahhh he was purrty. my woofies malcolm and selena wasd born the next year 89' and lived until this year. theys a good age when they passed. theys the best pups a poody could have. ----salem

Anonymous said...

Whimpy"s Mom says,
I remember Percy. Sometimes he looked like he stuck his paw in a light socket. Ha Ha.
He was one of my favorites
Whimpy's Mom