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Saturday, September 30, 2006

DaisyMae's "Word of the Day": PEEP

Here's another informative vocabulary lesson to build your FELINE LEXICON ...

From DaisyMae's Feline Dictionary of Terms and Phrases, the word of the day is:

PEEP (verb) ... pee-puh ... the feline act of laying on one's belly and peering under a closed and/or locked door in order to view the person behind said door. The "peeper" sometimes puts his/her front legs under the door (if physically possible) to attract attention to the ongoing "peepage." A particularly agressive peep might include grabbing at the person's feet if the feet are within range.

see also: peeping tom(cat), noun; peeper, noun; peepage, noun
not to be confused with: peeps (homies, homeslices, peers); peepers (eyes)

Sentence example:
1. Lucky Charmz is infamous for his peeps and will often push his silicone bracelets under the bathroom door to attract attention.

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