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Saturday, November 25, 2006

CALLING ALL BLOGGERS! NEW blogger's got the blues!

Poor Shadow: Few visitors, no comments ...

We'll, my cousin Shadow Saluki joined the blogosphere less than two days ago. That's a good thing. He's only had two comments. That's a bad thing.

He's been posting like crazy (at Shadow Saluki) to make up for all of the lost time, but nobody has been stopping by to introduce themselves. He's got a tiny blog-roll going with a few kitties and woofies on it, but no one has offered their links.

He's so depressed that he's likely to spend the evening outside baying at the moon ... And since I live in his neighborhood, I'll HEAR him. So ... PLEASE visit his bloggie (Shadow Saluki) and leave him some comments soon!

The moon's already up here in San Diego and it's gonna get dark in about half-an-hour ... I don't think I can stand an evening of his off-key, TUNELESS baying ... If you can't leave a comment, at least leave some sheet music ... He's got a tin ear.

Please visit him at his blog: Shadow Saluki. He would love to have some visitors of any kind: Feliners, woofies, fluffies, ratties ... He'd love to meet you all.

Let me repeat that address: Shadow Saluki.

(In the distance ... )
Ahhhh-ooooooo! Baarhhhrrooooo! Owwww-owwww-owwhooooo!

Argh! It's starting already! Help! Help! Does anyone have any earplugs?
DaisyMae Maus


tonis_got_webbed_feet said...

I've visited and left a comment! and I've even taken your (and Suzanne's advice) and created my own blog here.

Rosie & Cheeto said...

Wow, yer cussin is a dawgie!?!?! We cant wayt to go to his site and see what's up with him. Thanks fur sharing!!!

sammawow - china cat and willow said...

We just went over and left a message for Shadow Saluki. He is a great looking woofie and we enjoyed reading his blog. Definitely going back again, even though we usually only go to cat blogs!

China Cat and Willow

Shadow Saluki said...

Hi DaisyMae ... thanks for the NewBlogger Alert ... and the help you've done starting my blog.

Suzanne, Rosie and Cheeto, and a host of others have heard you're rallying meow and sent me comments. YAY!!!

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