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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

World Tour (well, neighborhood tour) of Christmas Lights!

Mom had promised me that I could take a "world tour of Christmas lights" like Skeezix did ...

But that weenie flaked out on me!

I was all ready to go when Mom told me that I'd have to stay at home while she and Grandma made the tour without me ... AND got milkshakes afterward.

Humans suck (sometimes).

I asked her "Why can't I come along with you and Grandma?" and Mom came up with a number of lame excuses ...

"It's too windy and cold for cats to be outside!"
Uh, Mom ... I'm dressed in fur. How much more climate-friendly is that? And, duh, we live in San Diego where it's about 54˚ on the wintery-est of nights ... and it's still fall until Saturday anyway!!

"We're taking Grandma's car and it still smells like pee on the driver's side door from the last time you were 'forced' to take a ride."
Hmmm ... Simple Solution® might get rid of THAT problem. What's a little pee between friends?

"It's too dark outside."
Night vision ...

"We have to make a number of stops."
And ... ? As long as I'm riding, I don't care HOW many stops we have to make.

"It's going to be past your bedtime."
Bedtime, schmedtime.

"Because I said 'no'."
Fine ... see if I care. Christmas lights are stupid anyway. I think that I'll go and hack a hairball into your Kenneth Cole shoes and then go rub my boo-tay on your satin pillowcases. Leave me at home, will ya. It was my idea ... well, mine and Skeezix's ... anyway.

"Hey. Don't be that way. We'll take lots of pictures. Well, I will since Grandma's pictures always come out surprisingly blurry. You can have the publication rights if you like any of them. Okay? Truce?"
Whatever ...

So ... unlike Skeezix ... I didn't get to go to take the pictures. Mom let me look over all of the shots (she was right, Grandma's shots were blurry) and pick the ones that I want to post. As always, clicking on the photos will biggify them. Mom should know: She got fitted for BIFOCALS today and she calls ME a GEEZER!

This first house is just a few blocks away from my house going toward the community of Imperial Beach.

All of the shots are of the same house.

They decorate religiously (or should I say zealously) every Christmas season.

I think that they are the favorite house of San Diego Gas & Electric since they obviously use squillions of kilowatt hours worth of electricity to illuminate their eleventy-six lighty/spinny/sparkly thingies.

You will be alarmed to note that a whole colony of skeletal vishus deer have roosted on their rooftop.

Mom told me that I should be glad that I wasn't there because my feelings might have gotten hurt.

Huh? Oh, yeah. The vishus deer only eat young, juicy cats and I'm turning into a geezer cat. Yep. Hurt feelings. Sigh.

I'll be posting the rest of the shots from the "World Tour" throughout this week.

For tonight, I leave you with a shot of our sparsely decorated front porch complete with the Santa SpongeBob® that Mom's cousins, Michele and Kirsten (from Oregon), sent to her for her birthday last month.

What's the deal with grown women and cartoon characters ... You can put a blow-up cartoon character on the porch for all the world to see, but you can't take a famous blogger on a "World Tour of Christmas Lights" ride in the car?

Sheesh ... What's the world coming to?


Sean Carter said...

Lovely Christmas lights decoration. Cool pictures. Peep into My Blog for some unique and interesting gift ideas and loads of other fun stuffs.

Gemini said...

Oh Daisy you were a busy cat today! There was so much to read! I'm thinking you'll be arriving at that 200th post real soon... off to think about my guess...

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

that's one whole huge excess of lights right there! your mom should've taken you with her - did ya do anything to the shoes or the pillowcase?

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