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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Aaarrrgh! I wanna do some Photoshop!

I am furry frustrated! I wanna make an entry for Skeezix's Oscars contest and I cannot do it! Mom tried to help me by downloading a trial version of Photoshop CS for me to play with (to see if it does what I want before spendin' a bunch of Charmee's money on the "real" software), but our Macintosh computer won't let it work ... it keeps saying "mounting failed" and then it won't open.

I begged and pleaded, so grandad let me try to download a trial on his Dell computer 'cuz he has Windows XP ... It downloaded okay, but then we couldn't find the file on his computer. What's the deal??? All I want to do is crop around my head and put it on Vanessa Williams's body with that lion's mane of hair that she had at the last Oscars!

Why? Why? Why won't it let me do this? Does the computer universe have something against my Photoshopping? I am furry frustrated (as mentioned earlier!)!!!!!!!

Does anyone in the blogosphere know of an online utility that I can use to cut my head off and paste it on Ms. Williams? Aarrrrrrgggghhhhhhh!


Tara said...

DaisyMae O'Maus,

I sent you an email on what mom uses.


DaisyMae Maus said...

Thanks, Tara! I hope that it works for me.

meeyauw said...

The mac problem: you may have the wrong Mac. I had no problems with the CS trial but I have a new Intel-Mac.

If that's not the problem, you may have gotten a bad download. Try it again.

Let me know what happens!

Daisy said...

I use Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0. That is not the full Photoshop package, but it does everything I need. But it took a while to learn how to use it. I hope you get it figured out, because your head would look great on that picture! (did that sound weird?).

Monica said...

Sorry, DaisyMae. We don't know how to do any of that fancy stuff in my house.

DaisyMae Maus said...

Thanks anyway, Monica (and Phoebe) ... Mom's been lettin' me play on the computer and collect stuff for my sidebar. We'll see what happens when her tech guys respond. Maybe things will work out in time for me to enter McSkeezix's contest afterall.

Jake and Bathsheba said...

DaisyMae, don't despair! You look gorgeous without all that fancy stuff. (But it might be fun to see you in costume!) My secretary is no help. She's been thinking about buying Photoshop, but thinks that it might just be an extra headache to learn.

Thanks for the invitation to come visit! It was fairly warm here today--in the 60's! I spent most of the day outside on my deck--dreaming of you.

Purrs and smooches,

Daisy said...

DaisyMae, I saw yer comment on Kimo and Sabi's blog about strollers. I think you should definitely get one. I liked mine right away, but you can start off just strolling around yer house, then just sitting outside in it, then going for short jaunts, and pretty soon, you are going for miles at a time!

David E. Francis said...

DaisyMae, I love the virual kitty you have at top of this post. She has a cute meow and purr.


Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Um, mom just got something call "PhotoStudio Expressions" from her nephew. She hasn't had time to load it yet, but she's hoping she can enter some more contests wif dis too. We neffur had any of dat fancy foto stuff afore and think it was nice of J to gif it to mommy. Now we just gotta sit on her until she loads it and learns to use it.

Kimo & Sabi said...

We uses Photoshop CS 8.0 on our eMac. It's also what Daddykitty uses to process all his photos (on a biggie Mac). Sounds like you gotted some other good advice - Mommakitty says it's fun to take at least one beginner Photoshop class - get past the Aaarrrrrrgggghhhh phase!

o'jeter harris said...

akshuallee ... i am participatin in argh saturday becuz i spent sum time tryin to put together a fabyoolus peace globe fer june. i did ... but i couldent' save it az a jpeg. i'm hopin dat skeez feelz better soon so i can get sum assistance!
luv--yer frend hoo jus spent sum time rubbin yer tummy--o'jete