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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Housecat of the Quarter: March 3, 2007

It's that time of year again, so it's time to announce the winner of the coveted title of "Housecat of the Quarter."

The awards banquet will be held tonight in the beautiful kitchen with a menu featuring a can of Alaskan King Crab-flavored Sheba® and Culligan filtered water with just enough ice cubes ...

Mom keeps track of our behavior each quarter, grades us on our individual merits and general "cattiness", and then makes the announcement. I thought that I was gonna repeat, but to my utter disappointment, the title of "Housecat of the Quarter" for March 3, 2007 goes to:


Fudge Ripple's Bio
Age: 17 years (almost 18)
Gotcha Day: April 28, 1990
Breed: Maine Coon (with complete necklaces and mega-frootbat ears)
Coloration: Chocolate tabby
Nicknames: Ripley, Fudgie, Fudge Ripple-Ohs, Whizzo

Likes: Eating Temptations® Dairy Flavor, hiding under the bed, sleeping

Pet-Peeves: Matted fur, being combed, being grabbed

Favorite Toy: Whirly Bird®

Favorite Nap Spot: On the bed in the master bedroom

Favorite Food: BBQ pork from the Chinese place -- But I'll settle for Sheba®, Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys in either of the egg soufflĂ© flavors, Temptations® Dairy Flavor

Skills: Hiding in plain sight

My "PtMiwM*" story: Mom speculates that I was a pure-bred show cat owned by a horrible cat-lady who lived down the street and that she let me go because I had a heart murmur and one distended testicle. I was furry frightened, but came on Mom's porch to get some food. Mom was sitting in the doorway one afternoon when I came up for some food. I saw the Feline Americans inside the house, vaulted over Mom's legs, and the rest is history. I'm the oldest EVER of the Feline Americans. I'm very scrawny, but I'm determined to hold my own as long as I can. *PtMiwM means Prior to Movin' in with Mom

Favorite Treat: BBQ pork from the Chinese place

I get my name engraved on the "Housecat of the Quarter" perpetual trophy, so I've achieved immortality!

The 'HotQ' Bag O'Swag included:

A plethora of "fev-ver" mice.

And a case of Sheba Feline Paté in all of my favorite flavors ...

And last, but certainly not least, forty-eight packages of Dairy-flavored Temptations®!

In addition to his fabulous prizes, Fudge Ripple also receives a lifetime supply of BBQ pork, chicken from KFC and/or El Pollo Loco, and burgers from Carl's Jr. and/or Burger King!!!

Concatulations, Fudgie!


Suzanne said...

ummm, the bag for dairy-flavored temptations is blue, not green. just thought you should know. i've made a careful study!


(tee hee)

congratulations, fudgie! we elder states-cats out to stick together. i'm nearly 16!

Suzanne said...

i meant 'ought'--not 'out'. too busy laughing at myself!

(snickering softly)

Daisy said...

Oh Fudgie, congratulations to you!!! And I sure like yer cute ears.

Forty Paws said...

Congratulations Fudge Ripples!!! That's like a gazillion tons of food!! Wow!!! Awesome!

Luf, Us

Suzanne said...

senior moment from me, fudgie...the package is purple! (tee hee)

concatulations deserve all the swag in that bag!



Tara said...

Wow, 48 bags! That is a great prize!

By the way, mom just posted pics on my site of me with my new Whirly Bird from you!


Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Hi DaisyMae! Concatulations Fudgie - and here is hugs to all of yoo from all of us (yes, even Zippy the grump){{{{{big hug}}}}}} go by Mu Shue's bloggie and see what it's all about - oh, and pass it forward!

The Meezer Gang said...

Fudgie, you truly deserve this wonderful package! Kudos to you!

Anonymous said...

Concatulations Fudgie :)

Eric and Flynn said...

Well done Fudgie, that's a great reward, and those dairy Temtayshuns are the best!! We're sending you hugs, and DMM and all the Feline Americans.((((((hugs))))))

OreotheCat said...

Concats fudge ripple!

nervously shifts weight on feet and giggles....."Not in front of ur sister Lucky!"

Lucky, u rlly need to meet my mother.

Take care all!


Jake and Bathsheba said...

Hugs to DaisyMae and All the Feline Americans! Thanks for the hugs sent to us! Mom wouldn't let us on the computer the last couple of days so we're a little late to the game.

Congratulations to Fudge Ripple since we have a soft spot for Maine Coons. He is beautiful. Our big sister was a torbie Maine coon who died nearly 10 years ago at the age of 19. We both loved her very much. She was a former show cat (she even has pictures-and a centerfold- in a book called "This is the Maine Coon Cat published in 1983 by her former owner Sharon P. Bass, TFH Publications, Inc). Mom got her when she was three--after she'd already had a few litters of kittens. Mom was glad that Precious had a long life because Mom felt a little cheated out of the first three years.



You're always be the top Cat of the Quarter for me.

More hugs,

DaisyMae Maus said...

Thanks, Jake ... Smooches from me.

Suzanne said...

DMM (and Fudgie),
Mama says I should apologize for being annoying about the color of the Temptations package. She said that it doesn't matter what color the bag the is...the goodies are still inside. I think I was a little 'wound up' last night. I didn't mean to be a brat.

-suz (who admits to sometimes being a brat)

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

Congratulations! and arent' Dairy Temptations just the best ever?