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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Our Gizzy Quilt is finished!

Lookie! We ordered a Gizzy Quilt made just for us by Millie's (and Jasmine's and Gizzy's) mom and it's in the mail RIGHT NOW! We asked for a special request: We wanted Millie, Gizzy, and Jasmine to sit on the quilt so that we could smell them! Here are the photos of our quilt and the quilt-sitters fulfilling our request. Thanks efurryone (especially Millie's mom)!

Isn't our quilt pretty? It's in our favorite colors: Purple and green! We haven't even seen our quilt in person and we love it already!

Here's a picture of our Gizzy Quilt.

And here's the backing of our Gizzy Quilt.

Gizzy ... namesake of the "Gizzy Quilt ... is testin' our quilt for quality and overall comfiness. He's an excellent tester.

Milly and Gizzy are gettin' comfy with our Gizzy Quilt. Be sure to get all of your smells on it, please!

This is Jasmine, Cocoa Puff's "Valentine," puttin' her special smells on our Gizzy Quilt just for Puffy! He's furry excited!



Millie said...

These pictures are nice, but we want to see pictures of YOU guys on the quilt.

DaisyMae Maus said...

As soon as it arrives, we'll snap some pix and post 'em with our Gizzy Quilt! We're just waitin' on our man in the bloo shorts.