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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I got TAGGED by a PEOPLE meme!!!!!!!

I’ve been tagged by Sheelagh at The Screaming Pages for a meme about balance in our lives. She said, "We all know cats have a great sense of balance, so you're perfect for this meme."

I think that I'll play along. Memes are fun ...
To participate, write a post about balance in life and link back to this post. Answer any or all of the following questions or simply share your thoughts about life balance.

How do you achieve balance in your life? Well, considering cats are asleep for a third of their lives, I only have to schedule sixteen hours a day instead of the usual twenty-four. I break my sixteen hours into two-hour segments. Each segment has "nap," "litter box," "ice water," "treats," "kibbles," "pets," "looking out the window," and "wrestling" ... I figure fifteen minutes for each task and then repeat the process. Thus, BALANCE.

What is your biggest challenge in balancing your life? Once I got my schedule organized, I worked myself into a little rut. Not a BAD rut, but a comfortable rut full of predictability. Then, Mom throws my life into a tailspin by either goin' on vacation or goin' back to work. I'd have to say my biggest challenge is MOM.

What are your priorities? I could be nice and say somethin' like "my family, world peace, and economic stability in developing nations," but to be honest, I'm pretty shallow and self-centered. My priorities are warm shelter, food/water/litterbox, plenty of Temptations®, Mom, and the Feline Americans. Efurrything else pretty much falls into place regardless of what I do.

How have your priorities changed over time and why? My priorities have changed over the past three years 'cuz the Feline Americans have dwindled from eight to five. I've been the only girlie for about six years now, but I've never been the oldest before and I've never had so few boys to boss around. I have to find other things to occupy my time. Gettin' attention from Mom has become more important than ever to me.

What advice can you share to help all of us balance our own lives? 1. Ask for what you want 'cuz few folks are able to read minds. 2. Don't waste your time on people or things that don't bring you joy. 3. Keep your butt clean. Dingleberries mess up your look.

Now it’s my turn to tag five others. Sheelagh said that "it’s always better to beg forgiveness than ask permission," so I’m tagging:

A. Daisy the Curly Cat
B. Empress Kukka-Maria
C. Skeezix the Cat
D. Grr, Midnight & Cocoa
E. Jake & Bathsheba



she said...

Of course I HAD to tag you - otherwise I'd have to let Than in on Web domination and as her what she thinks.. that's just too dangerous ;)

Thanks for participating. Can't wait to see what Skeezix has to say!

Kim and Oscar said...

OK, I don't know what I just did but I keep seeing this everywhere. Remember, I'm new to all this. What do I have to do now? Do I tag 5 people?

Daisy said...

I played, I played!

Gemini said...

Oh that's furry wise advice Daisy Mae!

Jake and Bathsheba said...

DaisyMae, thanks for thinking of me. I'm not much of a philosopher, but I think I know how to live the good life and achieve balance. Obviously, you do too!

More smooches,

P.S. I think that Bathsheba is going to get even madder at me, if that's possible. She's calling me a blog hog.

Chen & Ollie said...

Hi DaisyMae,
We're glad to meet you! We totally agree with your advice tip #3. Sometimes Chen has a problem with this - we're working on it, though.
Mr. Chen & Ollie

Parker said...

You sound like a very balanced little kitty! I agree with the Mommy part of the rut. They always mess things up!

Faz the Cat said...

wise words - you clearly lead a balanced existence. FAZ

OreotheCat said...

Moms sure screw up your plans sometimes=( oh well, they sure makeup for it with scratches and food stuffs! tell Lucky Charmzthat i havent forget him ((blushes)) YOu sure have a nice balances life!
Oreo the CAt

Forty Paws said...

Excellent ways to balance your life. We particularly like keeping your butt clean. That's a good one. The Feline Americans are half of us. Maw wonders what that would be like!

RE: your comment on our bloggie. Maw had to give up fostering cuz she kept too many. And now look where we're at!!

Luf, Us

Pee Ess. We're so glad that you're Maw rescued Cocoa Puff from the cage at the V-E-T. That was furry good of her to do that.

Lillie Ammann said...

Thanks for participating and sharing your excellent advice. Cats are so much better balanced than people.