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Thursday, April 26, 2007

NEW Blogger! Stop by and visit!

Hey efurrycat!
Our cousin, Zoey (from Oregon), just started a brand new bloggie TODAY! You can find it here: M.K. and the Crew.

I'd love it if you'd all stop by and make Zoey and the foster kittens feel welcome like only my friends of the cat blogosphere can. I'm puttin' her on my blogroll and I'm sure that she'd be grateful if you'd do the same. As you can see, she's a furry attractive Tuxie. And she's tryin' to raise four rambunctious platinum kittens while recovering from the "wheat gluten" debacle. It's a good thing that she's got a tight learning curve and supportive humans, right?

Anyway, stop by and say "hi" to M.K. and the Crew


Suzanne said...

i visited and commented, too!

very cool that more of the family is involved. can you light a fire under your uncle? it's been a LONG time since i've seen anything from the woofie!


Parker said...

I went and said "hello and welcome!"

Forty Paws said...

Ok, we went and said "Hello!! and Welcome"

Luf, Us

Monica said...

I went to say hi. I didn't realize they are here in my state of Oregon! I should have told her that we live in the same state.