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Friday, May 11, 2007

Friends on Friday! Skeeter and LC

Since it's "Friends on Friday," why don't you meet a new friend (or two) today?

If you haven't already met our internet/cat blogosphere furriends Skeeter and LC, please stop by. They've been participatin' in memes and writing some furry informative posts about the Big Thing's adventures as an experimental cat chef ... but they haven't met efurryone I'VE met yet and they're kinda starved for comments (I know how THAT can be ... I've dropped to #50! Pitiful! Darn those Russian Maine Coons!)

Stop by their bloggie and add Skeeter and LC to your blogroll. The Big Thing has promised to take more pictures AND download them so that Skeeter and LC can put 'em in their posts!

Oh, and check out the furry excellent bed that the Big Thing has! It's full of WATER, but you don't get all wet! Cool, huh? Skeeter and LC get to sleep on it WHENEVER THEY WANT!



Zoey and the furballs (the Zoo Crew) said...

Thanks for introducing us to new kitties. Plus, Mommy send big love and thanks for the Temptations coupons you sent us. She says she can really use them. I think she should go use them right now - and only on beef. :) Plus a big thank you for the hammock. The furballs have been investigating it. As soon as they get banned to their room for the night, I'll take over...

DaisyMae Maus said...

I'm furry glad that you liked the presents ... We made a hammock for our cousin Suzanne's "sweet sixteen" this comin' Tuesday, so we bought enough supplies to make one for you and one for Gus/Perla ... Yours is identical to the prototype (ours) that we made a couple of months ago. It's strong enough to hold thirty pounds of Cocoa Puff, so it should hold you and all the Furballs, too!

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