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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Saturday Photo Hunt #19: FIVE


The Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt theme for this week is FIVE. This theme has so many great possibilities:

There are five of us in the Feline Americans.

Mom has five fingers on each hand with which to pet my tummy.

The black masheen is a five-speed (whatever THAT means).

There are five weeks 'til Mom's next vacation ... Like I said, the possibilities are endless!

So, what did I choose? Money.

Mom has a 1926 Indian Head nickel (with a buffalo on the back) that I've sniffed a bunch of times. It's furry old (81 years!!) and has lots of dirt on it from all of the years that it's been in circulation. Mom keeps it safe in a little plastic bag in her security box.

Something that old that is probably worth more than face value should be kept safe, right? That's what Mom said, too ... 'cept somebody actually SPENT it as five cents. And that's how Mom got it.

More than a year ago, Mom was shoppin' in a place called Rancho San Diego east of where we live. Mom bought a bunch of stuff and paid, as usual, with her credit card. The cashier forgot to ring up Mom's water, so she pulled out some cash and paid separately. That special nickel was part of Mom's change from a $1.09 purchase in the garden shop at Target. Mom didn't think anything of the change. She just put it and the receipt for the water in her pocket to deal with later when she finished putting her purchases into the trunk of the black masheen. That special nickel rode around in Mom's pocket for hours until she got home, reached in her pocket, and discovered her 'treasure.'

It's been snuggly ensconced in her security box until now ... She brought it out so that we could take a photo of it and post the photos for this week's theme: FIVE.

Mom let me put the nickel on my Gizzy Quilt for the photos. The Gizzy Quilt photographs spectacularly well; the nickel ... not so much.


Tara said...

What a great treasure! Mom used to collect coins as a child, and seems to remember having one of those, but she thinks someone spent it...hmmm....maybe the one you have....Tara

Daisy said...

Oh, very good idea for the theme today! We had a hard time; too literal, I guess. We even have one of those Buffalo nickels!

Suzanne said...

that buffalo nickel is pretty cool. definitely something to be treasured.

auntie donna saves old coins, too. she has lots of them.

mama has a penny from the year your grandma was born (the year grandma and grandpa got married). she also have a dollar bill from the year she herself was born (and it's almost brand-new!).


Drew said...

Happy Photo Hunt Day.