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Monday, May 14, 2007

Secret Paws Summer Edition: May 14th

Hey, Efurryone!

Stop by Diva Kitty and the Fluffies' "Secret Paws" bloggie on May 14th to sign up for Secret Paws Summer Edition! They have a special site specifically dedicated to Secret Paws and will start accepting participants beginning next Monday. You don't have to be a kitty to participate; all kinds of animals are welcome to sign up to do Secret Paws. It's furry fun and Diva Kitty's mom does an especially good job matching us up! You can even make a donation to help those less financially fortunate to participate, too! Money is good, but so are gift cards to Petco/PetSmart/WalMart so treats and yarn can be purchased for shelter animals, too!

The bloggie AND ALL THE INFORMATION can be found here: Secret Paws. Mark your calendar and don't forget to sign yourself up for this fun activity!

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