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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #19: In Honor of Mother's Day ...


In honor of Mother’s Day (it’s actually Mother’s Day TODAY in our neighborhood three miles north of the Mexican border), I’m dedicating this Thursday Thirteen to Mom!

Thirteen Things You Might (or Might NOT) Find Interesting About My Mom

1. She’s 5’11” tall which I’m told is pretty tall for a girl. When people ask her if she plays basketball, she asks them if they play miniature golf. She got her degree in sarcasm when she got her Master’s in Counseling Psychology back in ‘93.

2. She was born on Jimi Hendrix’s birthday in 1967, so she’ll be forty this year.

3. Up until age seven, she wanted to be an astronaut ... But then she had to get glasses and her hopes were dashed: No 20-20 vision? No space program!

4. She took tap dancing lessons for eleven years when she was young. She’s still pretty good and sometimes “tappity-taps” in the kitchen in her tap shoes.

5. As a student teacher back in 1990-91, she was chosen “Best All-Around” by the senior class which really put some veteran teachers’ panties in twists.

6. She loves Chlöe perfume and has owned at least one bottle every year since the mid-1980s. It’s her signature fragrance and I like to walk in her wake when she’s just put it on ... It makes my fur smell like her.

7. In a high school class of 425 students, Mom ranked 22nd and graduated with California Scholarship Federation honors (NOW she sponsors the CSF club where she works and has done so for thirteen years).

8. Her favorite candy bar is Milky Way Midnight Dark (but she likes ANY kind of dark chocolate).

9. She likes woofies (not as much as KITTIES, though) and her favorite breeds are the Boston terrier and the French bulldog (‘cuz she’ll never have a Cock-a-poo as wonderful as Peaches ... sniff!). I think that she likes Bostons ‘cuz they’re black-n-white like TUXIES!

10. Mom drives a five-speed stickshift black masheen. Valet parking guys always comment on how “girls don’t usually drive stickshifts” to which Mom replies, “The talented ones do ...”.

11. Mom has a photographic memory which came in really handy in college, but even more so today when her students claim that they can’t find the answer ... “Look halfway down the seventh page in the chapter beneath the map of ... “. They don’t get away with much!

12. She’s selectively lactose intolerant, but severely allergic to alcohol products including cough syrup ... Her throat swells closed and she cannot breathe/swallow.

13. Her favorite movie is “An American President” ... the precursor to one of her all-time favorite television series: “The West Wing.” Her favorite episode? “Excelsis Dei” ... She bawls through the last ten minutes.


Daisy said...

I like your Mommie, she sounds great! My Mommie is 5' 9" and even she gets comments about being tall; I love her comeback! Hahahahahahaah! Miniature golf!

My Mommie drives a manual transmission car too. She says it is fun to drive.

Thanks for telling us all about your Mommie!

Suzanne said...

very good tt, daisymae!

i'm glad she knows that she's allergic to alcohol. anaphylactic shock is nasty!

mama likes 'an american president' too. she'll probably put it on tonight!

it's good to be tall!


Jake and Bathsheba said...

Thanks for letting us get to know your mom better. Our Mom loves dark chocolate too--and she claims that's it's "nutritious."

When our mom bought her first car on her own, she bought a stick shift. Her dad had to teach her how to drive it, and she still remembers how he yelled at her, "You're ruining your new car" when she was grinding gears. She and the car survived, but she went to an automatic transmission after five years. Driving in the heavy traffic around here just wore her out as well as the clutch!

Our mom did well in high school too. She was even voted "Most Academic" girl in her class of 460. That's certainly no longer true.

Somehow we had the idea that your mom taught English, but now we're not so sure. What subject does she teach?


jcfloresinc said...

Wow neat stuff. A photographic memory, nifty. Thanks for visiting our blog. I think your right about psychology helping them understand cats. Mom's are great.
Be blessed.

The pizza had shrimp and anchovies on it.
High 5 paw,

jcfloresinc said...
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Parker said...

That was a great list! Your Mom sounds wonderful. And she smells good!

Munchkin, Missy and Monte said...

Great list! I like number 11, our Mommie was a teachers aid also and can relate to the "I can't find it." whine.

Cosmo (Cleo snoopervised) said...

I went and got my mommie to read about your mommie cause I thought they had alot in common.
My mommie is 6', and her first car was a black masheen with a stick shift. She said it was a convertible and she used to ride around topless!
Mommie wanted fly fighter jets, but she had to get glasses right before she graduated high school. She says she has a lead foot to make up for it - I hope it her lead foot never steps on my tail.
Mommie also likes woofies. We have two stoopid Labradors - George and Sadie.

And, of course, the most important thing is they both have beautiful tuxie kitties!

DaisyMae Maus said...

Mom has credentials in English, the Social Sciences, and English Language Development. She teaches psychology, sociology, Academic English (for ELD and Special Ed.), and ninth grade reading recovery. Basically, she's very useful to fill holes in the master schedule ... but she's a trained English teacher.

DaisyMae Maus said...

Oh, and mom's black masheen is a convertible with a Targa top, so she goes topless, too ... 'specially since it's so bloody hot here in San Diego!