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Saturday, June 30, 2007

The 20,000th Visitor will get a PRIZE!

I am currently at visitor #19,928 ...

If you are the 20,000th visitor to my bloggie, please take a screen-shot of the hit counter and email it to me at daisymaemausATcoxDOTnet.

If you're a kitty cat (or a woofie), I will send you a specially painted SQUILLION of your furry own.

Be sure to check the hit counter efurry time that you visit me to see if you might be the WINNER!

Fine print: Squillions can only be made for kitties or woofies. Personalization has its limitations as the terracotta bases of squillions are already designed by the manufacturer. Only one squillion will be painted for the winner. In fairness to others, please don't repeatedly hit the reload button just to advance the hit counter. Parameters of this contest may change at author's whim.


Derby said...

19838. I'll be back!

Jake and Bathsheba said...

19850! That's a LOT of visitors, DaisyMae. I wish our secretary had put up a counter at the start for us, but she's not too tech savvy. She says that it would take us FOREVER to get that many hits.


P.S. She hasn't let us blog for days so I need to catch up on my visiting.

jcfloresinc said...

We're 19935. Contests are such fun. You have had lots of visitors. Wow, cool!! How do you take a screen shot?
Samantha & Tigger