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Friday, June 22, 2007

Miss Peach's Meme ...

This is Miss Peach's Meme ... The Feline Americans and I will be answering this meme by committee (in other words, I get to answer and they get to AGREE with me) ...

1} Favorite season?
Early autumn when the days are still long and warm, and Mom's on vacation.

2} Favorite colors?
Purple and green ... Oh, and PINK!

3} Favorite room?
The living room 'cuz there's lots of cushy furniture to lay on and our cat condo/scratching post is there.

4} Do you like dogs?
Not really ... We "tolerate" our cousin, Shadow Saluki.

5} Ever been in an airplane box?
Nope. We can't stand the PTU and will howl in protest when we ride in the black or green masheens ... Airplane riding would be horrible 'cuz we wouldn't want to ride as "cargo" ...

6} Do you have the get bathed?
Nope. We get 'wiped' if we get dirty.

7} Are you in love?
Yep. We each have Valentines ... I've got super-handsome Jake!

8} Where would you like to travel to?
Around the neighborhood in a stroller, but Mom won't get us one.

9} What do you ignore?
"Get down!"

10} How many lives have you used up?
Hmmm ... Don't wanna know.

11} Do you have any dark secrets?
None. Our lives are an open blog ...

12} What is your favorite holiday?
Thanksgiving for the turkey; Easter for the ham.

13} Water or milk?
Ice-cold Culligan water ... Milk makes us barf.

14} Why do you blog?
'Cuz Skeezix and Kukka-Maria made it look like fun. The Feline Americans do what I want them to do. Oh, and we get to see our cousins: Zoey and the Furballs and Benjamin Fuzz efurry day!

15} Are you into extremes?
I like extreme mooching, extreme catnip abusing, and extreme cuddling for distance!

16} Favorite TV shows?
"Hex" or "Ace of Cakes"

17} Are you a pesty lap cat?
No. Sparky Fuzzypants is, though ... Mom calls him "Mister Biscuits" 'cuz he makes 'em on her.

18} Inside or outside cat?
Indoors where we're safe from the neighbors.

19} What makes you happy?
Sleepin' late with Mom and cuddling.

20} Your most embarrassing moment?
When I stepped on Mom's peanut buttered toast and got it all over my foot! Eeewww.

I'm NOT gonna tag anyone, but if you'd like to play, PLEASE do! This is a furry fun meme: Miss Peach did a good job with the questions!


caricature said...

Great answers. Loved ur answer to number 9 :)

Cyclone Cats said...

yah, we ignore the "get down" voice too.
thanks for sharing more about you, DMM.
Thanks for your pawsitive thoughts for Conner!

Fritzamus Maximus said...

Mmmmm... turkey. I love turkey too!

Tara said...

Did you lick the peanut butter off of your toes?

小芥 michico said...

Good answers~!!!
Happy weekend to you~!

Benjamin Fuzz said...

that's a good way to do a meme!

i like sleeping late with mom, too.

mom's trying to remember if she's met zoey's mom. is she younger than your mom? if she is, then mom hasn't met her. we stopped there when we drove up after i flew down. do you remember that trip?

Miss Peach>(^,^) said...

Thank you DMM for doing my first meme:) I enjoy learning about all of my furrrrrends:)