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Saturday, June 23, 2007

SECRET PAWS Summer Edition: My Paw was Kellie the Orange Cat all the way from British Columbia, Canada!

This is post #490 ...

I wanna say a huge THANK YOU to Kellie the Orange Cat who was my own personal Secret Paw for "Summer Secret Paws."

Kellie the Orange Cat sent my package of neat-o presents all the way from British Columbia, Canada! Wow! That's furry far away from San Diego, California!

Mom helped me to cut the tape on the envelope so that I could get inside the package and investigate all of the presents.

Lucky Charmz and Sparky Fuzzypants (and even Cocoa Puff) checked efurrything out that was inside the purple gift bag. Kellie the Orange Cat even made me a pretty envelope and card with stickers!

Look at all of the wonderful things that I got from Kellie the Orange Cat! Temptations®, Greenies®, bouncy rubber balls to chase in the kitchen, a fishie charm, some fev-ver butt mousies (including a pink furry one!), a catnip pillow that smells oh, so delicous ... catnip mousies, and two cans of stinky goodness from Fancy Feast (we had to eat those right away because they looked so yummy ... the labels were written in French!).

My Secret Paws from Kellie the Orange Cat was furry excellent!

Thank you, Kellie the Orange Cat ... You are a terrific Secret Paw!

Love to you!

Oh, and speaking of Secret Paws Summer Edition, Lucky Charmz helped Mom get our boxes ready for Joe, our man in the bloo shorts, to mail out to our super-secret Secret Paws ... Watch your mailboxes, efurryone!


Angus said...

I think it would be verra exciting to have a Secret Paw go around, I want to play, too. I know just the fev...oops, don't want to give the gifts away! Your friend Kellie sent some toys I'd like to play with, and the Smelly Cat stuff sounds YUM! My mom says she was in BC recently...

Parker said...

Gosh you guys, what an excellent SP package! Kellie did a very good job picking out your gifts! Enjoy!

Phoebe said...

Those are great pictures of you all enjoying your gifts. How exciting!

Dragonheart said...

That's a great Secret Paws package! Wonderful! Enjoy your new toys and treats! :)