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Thursday, June 14, 2007

A package from Skeeter and L.C.!

Lookie, Efurryone!

The man in the brown shorts who drives the huge brown panel truck with YOO PEE SSSS written on the side brought us a box all the way from Skeeter and L.C.'s house!

Since Mom was away all day, we had to wait 'til she came home from snoopervisin' graduation before we could open the package and see all of the nifty stuff that awaited us inside!

We're not known for our patience (individually OR collectively), so the box had already been scratched at and bitten on the corners ... I know who did most of the 'vestigatin' ... His name rhymes with "Lucky Charmz" ...

Uh, uh ... I am not a tattletale!

Mom got out the flashy box and we tried our best to hold still, but we were so 'cited about seein' in the box that most of the photos came out as "action shots" ... Sigh.

Anyway, after we tried to open the box ourselves (Skeeter and L.C. used some really durable tape on the box!), Mom had to help us by usin' some scissors ... Yet ANOTHER reason why I keep askin' Santa Claws for opposable thumbs for Catmas!

Lookie what was inside that box!

First is a note from Skeeter and L.C. themselves!

And there are a bunch of packing bits to keep efurrything in the box extra safe!

Oooo ... Lookie! We got lots of neat stuff in our present box! We got some AquariYums treats! Stinky goodness, too! Oh, yeah! Some specially grown PRIMO 'NIP! Oh ... I can smell it through the jar! This is some awesomely strong stuff! I'm gonna try and keep it away from the Feline Americans. RATS! Too late!

I wonder what is inside this little flip-flop box? Oh! Yea! These puffy pom-pons are excellent to bat about and chase!

Thanks so much, Skeeter and L.C.! We love our presents furry, furry much! We are gonna have a marvelous time with the 'nip and toys ... The treats and stinky goodness will be enjoyed this weekend!

Oh, and we almost forgot! We got a neat bowl, too ... Mom is gonna put water in it and put it on her night table so that we can have a drink in the middle of the night without havin' to walk all the way to the kitchen! It's gonna be furry convenient for when it gets furry hot here over the summer and fall! Thanks for thinkin' of EFURRYTHING!

You too are the BEST! Please give some head-butts and purrs of thanks to your Big Thing for assembling our special surprises and using his thumbs to tape up the box!

Purrs and head-butts of thanks!
DMM and the Feline Americans


Anonymous said...

Congrats! Alle the stuff you got look pretty good! Have fun!

Dragonheart said...

What a great package! :) All of that stuff looks wonderful! Enjoy. :)

Kellie The Orange Cat said...

Your pressie looks very nice. My Mum has a water dish on her bedside table for me too, some of our friends laugh, but you are so right it is very handy, especially in the heat. It is the water bowl that I use most.