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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Charmee gave Mom the bitey ...

Yesterday, Cousin Shadow Saluki stopped by with his dad (our Uncle James). Uncle James had furry wonderful news that he had passed his CSET in English Language & Literature and could now do his student teaching. While Shadow was at our house, he left a flea.

That flea jumped on Charmee's white wanna-meezer fur ... an' Mom saw it.

Mom got the pink flea comb and combed that flea right off of Charmee, but she wasn't very delicate 'bout it an' she made Charmee mad.

Then ... things got worse. Mom got out the ampules of Feline Advantage an' started dosing us.

Charmee got his first 'cuz he was the easiest to catch.

Then Sparky Fuzzypants, Cocoa Puff ... an' me.

Mom grabbed Pumpkin out from under the bed an' squirted his ampule onto the nape of his neck.

It seemed as if all was well ... even though we smelled like "chemicals."

But no ... She had to make with the clippy claws, too.

That was too much for Charmee.

He hissed.

He puffed up his K-Mart tail.

He took a swing at Cocoa Puff and launched himself at ME!

Mom doesn't like it when Charmee is a meanie, so she grabbed him an' picked him up.

Charmee was REALLY mad by then, so ...

HE ... PUT ... THE ... BITEY ... ON ... MOM'S ... RIGHT ... HAND!!!!

An' he drew blood.

Bad boy, Charmee. You're not supposed to draw blood, 'specially from Mom.

Mom was so stunned that she bopped him on the buns an' then hurried to clean her wound.

(Shaking her head from side to side): Charmee is a bad boy.



DK & The Fluffies said...

Oh dear, that's going to take a lot of making nice with the mommy later tonight!

Henry Helton said...

Charmee is a daredevil. I still bite My Lady sometimes, but I make sure to not draw blood. That makes her very very mad!

Zoey and the furballs (the Zoo Crew) said...

Oh my goodness. We hope your mommy gets her bite cleaned well. Our mommy didn't when Cha-ching bit her and it got infected. No Temptations for Charmee!

Rocky the Gutter Cat said...

WAY TO GO CHARMEE!!!! Remember my motto: "DRAW BLUD!!!" And yoo didn't even have to go to the v-e-t!!!!

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

Oh no, that is BAD. Never bite the humans unless you're playing gently. But she did sound like she at least deserved a swat.


Daisy said...

Uh oh, Charmee. I think you might have made a little mistake. Giving the bitey is OK, but you should not draw bloods.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said... mean your mom usually DOESN'T get The Bitey when she's torturing all of you? not at all? whoa. our Lady and the Blonde Girl start with clippy claws and then do the flea stuff right after. they ALWAYS get The Bitey from me and from Midnight. Cocoa sometimes accidentally scratches them while he's trying to do his Spiral Sideways Leap To Freedom.

Christine and FAZ said...

Oh my goodness - pandemonium! I personally would rather have fleas then that horrible flea medicine they give us. FAZ

Victor Tabbycat said...

I fink poor Charmee had gone thru a lot by then! He didn't want to hurt yur mom, but sumtimes the aminal inside takes ofur.

It's all Cousin Shadow Saluki's fault fur bringing that flea!

Parker said...

His K Mart tail?!? Mommy laughed and laughed at that one! But Charmee - drawing blood = not a smart thing to do!!!

Tiger Lily said...

Uh Oh that wasn't a good thing to do Charmee. You should be extra snuggly and purry to make up for it.

Benjamin Fuzz said...

is your mom recovering from her wound?

The Crew said...

What a rude guest to leave a flea in your house and cause all those problems.

Um...what's a K-Mart tail?

Caesar and Princess said...

Oh dear.... Charmee is in big trubble. He must have been in a krabby mood.

Anonymous said...

What a wild day you had! We don't like that flea stuff either. We smell funny for days afterward and are mad at each other.

Is Charmee in trouble for making your mom bleed? We've made our mom bleed once or twice, but she is very understanding.