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Friday, October 05, 2007

Boycott 'The Office' along with NBC and its sister networks

I just visited my friends Skeeter an' LC at their bloggy and came across a posting about the NBC program, 'The Office.' If you watched a recent episode (I didn't 'cuz I don't watch that show), you probably saw a character named "Dwight" poison a kitty an' put him into the freezer to die a slow an' painful death by suffocation and hypothermia.

Mom was so angry an' disgusted by this piece of news that she went to the NBC website and sent them an email ... If you click on this LINK, you can do so, too ...

She has vowed to avoid 'The Office' and NBC television (and associated networks) for the duration. It won't be too hard given NBC's broadcast scheduling ...

The torture and killing of a kitty (or any other animal) as a plot point in a scripted television show is certainly NOT entertaining. Please express your outrage and dismay to anyone who'll listen ... Skeeter an' LC's dad, The Big Thing, is creating a petition and a list of people to contact. Please visit ... And let's hit NBC and 'The Office' where it'll hurt them the most: VIEWERSHIP!

DMM and the Feline Americans


Benjamin Fuzz said...

that's really disgusting. we'll definitely join the boycott!

Doc Holiday said...


Thank you for your kind regards and wishes. I will do my best not to disappoint you.

All my best!

Doc Holiday
Purrfect for America!