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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #38: SUCKY vacation stuff

Thursday Thirteen: Stuff that SUCKED on Mom's vacation trip!

1. Uncle James got a speeding ticket in the first five hours of the trip. Grandad pitched fit number one of far too many to count.

2. Foghorns kept Mom up all night at the Morro Bay campground (AND she saw some vishus deer!). Firewood cost $7.00 for five pieces. Grandma an’ Grandad’s bargain inflatable mattress didn’t inflate. Mom’s sleeping bag was too short so she had to use a beach towel an’ SpongeBob fleece throw to keep from freezing to death overnight.

3. Highway 1 was beautiful, but took hours and hours to drive causing Mom to miss out on camping at Russian Gulch ‘cuz it was still more than three hours away by dusk on the second day. Grandad pitched his second fit in two days forcing him to be exiled to Mom’s car as a “time-out” ...

4. LAWSON’S LANDING ... This is a whole post in itself.

5. Trees of Mystery closes at 6 o’clock each evening. Mom arrived at 6:07 PM. Paul Bunyan didn’t say “Howdy, howdy, howdy” ... He said, “We open at 9 o’clock tomorrow morning.”

6. Jedediah Smith campground was FULL ... sigh. Vishus deer were present an’ were probably laughing their antlers off.

7. Got lost in Salem, OR, looking for Zoey an’ the Furballs’ house ... Yahoo Maps SUCK.

8. No more rooms at the Guest House & Suites in Tumwater, WA. Mom used many bad words, but was grateful for a...

9. Motel 6 ... Three nights. Short curtains. No cable. No seat lid on the toilet. Cops in the parking lot when Mom arrived.

10. Food poisoning ... No more Costco salads EVER an’ seeing billboards of KFC make Mom’s stomach lurch. Schlepped over to Grandma an’ Grandpa’s room at the Guest House & Suites. Horribly uncomfortable foam mattress. 7-UP an’ soda crackers diet causes Mom to lose about ten pounds in thirty-six hours. Cops in the parking lot when Mom left.

11. Coeur D’Alene casino “lost” Grandma’s reservations causing her to have a minor meltdown in the lobby; Uncle James an’ Lori stayed with Aunt Montie an’ Uncle Harold (an’ Whimpy an’ Tribles). Mom saw vishus deer.

12. Tight slots at casino. Smokers smoked in Mom’s non-smoking hotel room.

13. Gas cost $3.69 and 9/10ths per gallon in Bakersfield, CA: Highway robbery! Oh, an’ more sightings of vishus deer. LA traffic on the I-5 makes Mom very grateful for a black masheen that sips gasoline. She gets from Bakersfield to home on less than half a tank (‘bout five an’ a half gallons).


Cheysuli said...

Wow! you had a lot of mishaps with motels and such didn't you?!

Still I'm glad everyone is home safe.

Rocky the Gutter Cat said...

Whut in the H-E-dubbul hockeystiks was yer mom doing taking a rode trip with relutives? That wood be a ressipee for dizaster (or at leest sistercide) in owr howse. Did yoo lend her yer vishus deer repelunt beefore she left?

Zoey and the furballs (the Zoo Crew) said...

Despite all the sucky things, we are sooooo happy that your Mommy came to visit and want her to know that the door is always open to our favorite kitty-crack supplier!

Karen Jo said...

I am sorry that so many sucky things happened to your Mom on her vacation. I hope that she managed to have some fun in spite of them.

Daisy said...

DMM, I missed you a LOT! I am very glad you are back, but I'm sorry your mom had bad things happen on her vacation. I am going to show this to my Mommie, and maybe she will change her mind about leaving me tomorrow. (Short curtains - OH NO!).

Kellie The Orange Cat said...

Oh dear, that doesn't sound like a very relaxing vacation! Although you made my Mum laff and laff about Grandpa being put in time out! My Mum is always putting my Grandpa in time out after one of his "meltdowns" too : )

DaisyMae Maus said...

Rocky ... Mom didn't have any Vishus Deer Repellant 'cuz I never won any ... She had to go it alone and try to resist their wily ways unprotected. She said that it was furry hard to avoid their laserbeam eyes and the extra cute baby ones ...