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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #39: Kitty an' Woofy Smells on Mom's Stuff!

Foreign cousin smells that I sniffed on Mom's clothes, pillow, an' luggage when she returned from her trip.

1. Smoke (Gray and white boy cat ... Zoey an' the Furballs) who enjoys Pit R' Pats, Temptations, an' the laserbeam toy! He investigated Mom's buckwheat hull pillow an' bunny-kicked it a bunch o' times.

2. Gandalf the Gray (Gray an' white boy) who Mom likes 'cuz he's her little Oregon bed-buddy. He visited Mom when she was in the guest room in her sleeping bag. He liked bouncin' on her Aerobed. She said that he purrs REALLY good.

3. Chewbacca the Wookitty (Gray an' white girlie) LOVES Temptations an' Pit R' Pats. Mom liked cuddling her on the chaise. She's furry soft an' walks on "prissy points" like Mom did when she was a dancer. Chewie reminded Mom of Lacey Bunns ... a lot.

4. Cha-Ching (Meezer boy!) got on the dirty clothes, so we only smelled him a little bit. He was quiet an' not furry friendly yet.

5. Zoey (Black an' white Tuxie girlie who looks a whole lot like ME!) was one of Mom's favorites to pet an' cuddle. Mom said that Zoey likes to take her pets an' cuddles from the right side an' I always take mine from the left!

6. Benjamin Fuzz (Himilayan boy ... Ben Fuzz an' Lucy Fur) was an awesome cuddler. He really enjoyed the treats that Mom brought: Temptations, fev-vers on a fishin' pole, Boogie Mat, Star Chaser... He also liked that Mom slept on the couch an' he could take his own pets. Ben loved bein' brushed by Mom, too ... She said that he kept her from bein' homesick for Cocoa Puff. All sorts of Ben smells were on the luggage an' sheets. Ben smells like a furry nice dood.

7. Lucy Fur (black an' white Tuxie girlie) LOVED the Pit R' Pats an' toys that Mom brought. She sped around, but still managed to get petted a little bit. She was much less nervous on Mom's second visit. She LOVED the laserbeam toy an' the Star Chaser, an' the Boogie Mat ... Oh, an' the Temptations, too!

8. Gunner (A newly neutered tabby boy with gray mackerel markings) was crazy about the toys an' treats that Mom brought ... He only had one toy at his house: a pom-pon on a spring. Boorrrrrrinnnnnggg! Mom got Gunner a laserbeam toy, some Temptations an' Pit R' Pats, an' a Star Chaser. His smells were all over Mom's sleepin' bag 'cuz he slept right next to Mom in the spare bedroom. She got a good photo of him really CLOSEUP!

9. Maverick (Tabby boy with tan marble markings) was a real sweetie! Mom liked playin' with him with the toys an' feedin' him treats 'cuz he'd never had any before. The best part of Maverick was cuddling him 'cuz he was furry small an' soft. He liked playin' with the laserbeam toy an' the Star Chaser.

10. Koda is a little woofy who liked eatin' biscuits an' tryin' to play with Gunner an' Maverick. He had a bath, but he still got woofy smells on Mom's stuff.

11. Daisy an' Louie are BEAGLES. They begged an' begged for Mom's peanut butter biscuits ... and ate a whole tin of Yip Yaps in about twenty seconds. They had noisy toenails on the hardwood floors an' barked a whole lot. They snoopervised efurrything like a team, an' got their smells all over Mom.

12. Kenai is a ginormous woofy called a German Shepherd. He liked playin' "fetch the deflated, muddy plastic ball" with Mom. Mom wasn't really thrilled with a muddy, smelly woofy ... But she's a good sport, so she played anyway. This woofy isn't terribly smart though ... He eats wood. Yuck!

13. Whimpy-an'-Tribles are our Aunt Montie's woofies. They're small. They're Chihuahua types. Their smells were all over Mom's Birkenstocks. We were furry happy to smell them on Mom's shoes when she returned 'cuz we miss 'em a whole lot.

Sometime soon ... when Mom gets off of her butt an' downloads the digital media from her cameras ... we'll post photos of our cousins.

Maybe next time she'll get to meet our cousins Gus an' Perla so that we can sniff 'em when she returns ...


Benjamin Fuzz said...

hi dmm and the feline americans! we had SOOO much fun with your mom (and grandma, granddad, uncle james & aunt lori). it was great to get to meet you through their smells, and we're glad you got to meet us, too!

we hope that we'll get to meet each other again soon!

we love you!!!

Henry Helton said...

I do not like foreign smells. Especially foreign woofie smells.

Tara said...

I'm really jealous your mom got to go visit all of those fun kitties! Although I would be a little jealous too!


Lux said...

You have a *really good sniffer!!!

michico*Adan said...

These are very cutey cats around ~!!!

Ramses said...

Oh gosh you've had so many furriends to smell on your Mom's clothes! That's gotta be really interesting, we usually only get Misty a Vizsla woffie to sniff on Mummy's choths... Her furs are the same colour as mine!

Daisy said...

Wow, you had some good things to sniff when your mom came home. And your mom was nice to bring toys and treats with her! I am going to sniff my Mommie when she gets home on Sunday but I do not think she will smell very interesting.

Boy said...

That's A WOT of other smells on your Mom!

Kimo & Sabi said...

WOWY - that's a lot of smells!