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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saturday Photo Hunt #57: WOODEN!


The Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt theme for this week is WOODEN!

We were thinkin' of putting up a photo of Nicolas Cage or Kevin Costner 'cuz ... while both good-lookin' doods ... neither acts furry well an' both come across as pretty "wooden" ... But then we'd be violatin' the rules of the Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt 'cuz we've never met (or photographed) either "actor" ... an' that wouldn't be good.

So we decided to post a photo of something (or some THINGS) that have been competing with us for lap time:  Mom's WOODEN coat hanger projects.  

Mom's friends get four custom coat hangers as part of their birthday an' Christmas presents each year.  Each lady has her own yarn type an' color of ribbon.  When Mom gets some free time, she tries to do one lady's present an' get it put away in her closet until it's needed.  

But with some babies comin', Mom's been concentrating on getting lots of tiny hangers completed along with her usual stash.  She uses her jigsaw that she bought at K-Mart to cut two inches off of each side of the WOODEN hangers to make 'em "baby sized".

Here's what she's been makin' since last weekend.  She still has LOTS to do as there's LOTS of yarn in the crochet bin in her closet (we've been investigating the crochet bin an' snoopervising the crocheting ... we've also been doing quality assurance testing on the yarn balls to make sure that they taste good an' roll smoothly).  When Mom's finished with the hangers, she has two baby sweaters to complete, an afghan to trim, an' two afghans to make from the first stitch.   ARRRGGGHHH ... We want our LAP back!!!

The hangers that Mom buys are WOODEN ones made by Merrill that come in packs of two for $3.99.  She can only find them at Long's Drugs, so when she sees 'em, she has to buy all of the packs that are in the store.  The cashiers think that she's WEIRD 'cuz she buys $50.00 worth of WOODEN coat hangers an' nothin' else.

Since she learned to make these crochet coat hangers back in seventh grade Home Ec. class ("Thanks, Mrs. Diane Ogden!!!"), Mom's probably made about 500 of them.  People always seem to like receiving them 'cuz they hold onto sweaters an' clothes with straps (or satiny/silky things) furry well.


Daisy said...

Your mom is so crafty! That is a neat idea to make with the wooden hangers.

Skeeter, LC, and Ayla said...

Nice "wooden". We kinna went to the raw material fer our photohunt... :)

We like wood, but we gotta admit those hangers are efen nicer when covered in yarn (we like too of course).

Benjamin Fuzz said...

as mom's been the recipient of some of these fine hangers, i agree that they're gorgeous!

your mom is sooooooooo talented!


-TNChick- said...

Love the wooden hangers.. they lookbeautiful