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Saturday, February 23, 2008

We won! Thanks Skeeter, L.C., an' Ayla!

We got a package from Skeeter, L.C. an' Ayla.  We won one of their contests last month:  Create a middle name for L.C.  We chose the middle name "Diana" 'cuz L.C.'s last name is the family name of the deceased Princess of Wales an' we think that L.C. has regal bearing, so the name "Diana" made a lot of sense to us.

Here's our prize pack with some delicious Temptations an' a pink fev-ver boa that Mom's gonna attach to our Barbie wand toy so that we can play with it as a group (otherwise, Charmee will take it for himself an' it will be fev-ver free in five minutes or less).

Thank you to Skeeter, L.C., Ayla, an' the Big Thing (who has beautiful printing that he wrote on the envelope ... penmanship is furry important when dealin' with the people in the bloo shorts.  The Big Thing gets an A+ in penmanship!).

Mooommmmmm ... I want some Temptations ... Now, please!


Skeeter, LC, and Ayla said...

We're so glad that you like the treats an the fevver boa! I really like my new middle name...

LC Diana Spencer

Pee Ess - The Big Thing blushed when he read the part about his nice printing. ;)

Angus said...

Congratulations All you Feline Americans! I think your choice of a middle name for LC is inspired, and the fevver boa is muy awesome!

P.S.-you should see what my mom did to me-your sidebar pictures must have given her the idea!

Tyler said...

Congratulations on your gifts. I like the name you chose. In fact Mom thought of it too when she heard that LC's last name was Spencer.

I bet those Temptations were good.

The Devil Dog said...

Cool! Congrats on your win.


Lux said...

Congratulations on winning the contest! Looks like you got some fun things in the prize pack!!! :)

Jake and Bathsheba said...

Congratulations, DaisyMae! And I miss you too! Mom never seems to have time to help us blog anymore. She works too much and is getting involved in way too many environmental organizations. She's arranging garden tours for her wildflower society and she is also plant sale chair this year.

PLUS, she went hiking with her Toyota saleman three Sunday afternoons in a row. He's 13 years younger than her-and tall and thin-but she can still outhike him. They're just buds, but at least she's no longer pining away about Dad.

Smooches to you, DMM,
Love, ~Jake

Benjamin Fuzz said...

good win...and great name choice!

fresh temptations and a new toy...mmm