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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Saturday Photo Hunt #61: METAL!


The Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt theme for this week is METAL.  

We could show our Uncle James' collection of Metallica (et. al) cds.  Nah.  Shadow Saluki listens to that stuff ... Let HIM show that (if he ever gets off his furry butt to blog again this decade).

We'll show a picture of the objects that are taking up so much of our coveted lap time:  Mom's crochet hooks.

Mom has been trying to use up ... or at least make a dent in ... all of the yarn that's takin' up space in her closet.  She's been finishin' projects that have been waiting for some attention for weeks (months?  years?).

She has every size of metal hook that she could possibly need, but she mostly uses a hook labeled "G" ... Why?  We have no idea.

Anyway, her hook collection is organized atop the baby afghan that she'd finished moments before.  The afghan is made with four colors of yarn called "Wiggles" in a pattern called "sideways shells" ... 

It's bein' takin' away by the man in the bloo shorts today so that it will be ready for the arrival of Ethan Joseph (Mom's soon-to-be-born cousin).


Daisy said...

That baby blanket is very pretty, and in such beautiful spring colors! I never knew crochet hooks came in so many colors.

Benjamin Fuzz said...

it's beautimous! the cousins will love it!

your mom's crochet hooks are inspiring.

ben & lucy