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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mom'll be home in one week!

Last night, Mom went to XXX Rootbeer restaurant in Issaquah with her auntie an' Uncle Jer. She had furry yummy rootbeer in a frosty mug an' a delicious burger named after a car. A side benefit was horrible onion breath.

Today it's Thursday, so Mom will be home a week from today an' I cannot wait to snuggle with her 'cuz I've missed her a whole bunch.

She told me that today she was gonna drive down to Lacey to eat lunch at Ruby Tuesday ('cuz that place doesn't exist in our market) an' then she'd get a mani-pedi. The traffic wasn't furry bad, so she made good time on the freeway through Federal Way, Tacoma, an' Nisqually (where our great-grandparents used to live). She had lunch an' then headed back to Seattle after a quick stop at the Wal*Mart for juice an' water ... an' to look for rosemary an' parsley for our auntie (they didn't have any left).

When she got back toward Seattle, she stopped at a nail salon near some big shopping mall by a PetSmart. She got her toes painted purple an' her hands painted pink (sounds furry odd to me), then she went to PetSmart to buy two lids for Ben an' Lucy's canned foods.

Target was her next stop for the rosemary an' parsley, but this Target didn't have a garden center, so she was outta luck again.

Tomorrow, she might drive up to Victoria, BC for a little look-see ... an' to get a stamp on her passport.

On the weekend, she'll be driving down south to visit with Zoey, the Fur Balls, an' Cha-Ching ... It's supposed to get furry, furry hot there ... Mom was hopin' for some rain.

Gotta go ...

Stay tuned for the next postcard from our momma ...

DMM an' the Feline Americans


Pablo said...

Ooh! Your mum's sneaking outta the country! We can't do that here without going over a LOT of water...

meemsnyc said...

Oooh, Rootbeer restaurant. Mom has always wanted to go there. We see the commercials on TV all the time, but there are none in this area. Did you get a rootbeer float?

Cheysuli and gemini said...

I love it when my humans go to XXX! They have good stuff.