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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wednesday: Vacation's halfway over now.

Today is about mid-way through Mom's vacation an' she'll be home next week. She sent another post card with an update on what she's been doin' besides playin' with Ben-Fuzz an' Lucy-Fur:

She's shopped with our auntie for new tennis shoes ... Mom got her some black leather New Balance shoes.

Mom has given Auntie a pedicure an' has helped to smooth the bottoms of her feet with a Pedi-Egg. Perhaps they'll go to a salon for a REAL pedicure sometime before Mom leaves?

They went shopping for work clothes as Auntie's clothes are all too big now ... They bought lots of pretty blouses, sweaters, an' a pair of jeans, too!

The Mary-Janes that Mom ordered arrived yesterday an' are a perfect fit! Yay! They are dressy enough for work, but casual, too. They're furry pretty. If I wore shoes, I'd wanna wear Mary-Janes, too.

Yesterday, Mom an' Auntie went to Kent to watch "Kung Fu Panda" ... They HIGHLY recommend the movie. Apparently, it's furry cute an' the panda is a good fighter.

Mom has been reading while Auntie goes to work: She's read "Fearless Fourteen" an' is half way through "Twilight" (which would appease Mom's students furry much).

Tonight will be a trip to XXX ... It's a rootbeer place near Issaquah that has hamburgers an' other good stuff. Mom will be going with Auntie an' her Uncle Jer, too.

I guess that's all that is left to report for now ...



Tripper the Psyko Stray Cat said...


Cheysuli and gemini said...

HEY!!! That's just down the hill and around the corner! My humans could have gone and checked up on her if we had known!!!

Cheysuli and Gemini

meemsnyc said...

It sounds like your mom is having lots of fun!!

The Meezers said...

sounds like a fun bay-k-shun!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

We hope your mom is enjoying herself. Beans need R & R.

purrs and tail wags

Lux said...

Sounds like your mom & auntie are having a great time!

Simba said...

I'm back at last, so much to catch up on.

Simba xx

Felix, Garfield & Jawsy said...

Nothing like retail theratpy, that's wat mommie always say.
P/s: Jawsy says that I do not do justice to the name Bucky, cos I'm goofy and should be called Satchel instead. I will ambush her later and show her!

Black Cat said...

Oh, sounds like your Mom is having a great time with her aunties, but I can see you're counting the days till she gets back. Never mind, the time will soon pass:) xxx

Daisy said...

Mary Janes are some of my favorite shoes!

T'Abby Normal said...

Dear DaisyMae,
Hello! It is wonderful to meet you. I love your blog's name, with the feline Americans.

Are you going to decorate your home to welcome your mom when she returns?
Abby Normal

Team Tabby said...

You miss your mom, but you sound happy that she is enjoying her trip away. She will be back soon.

Mindy & Moe