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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mmmm ... More Restaurant Week!

Tonight, Mom went to Hunter Steakhouse ... an' had chicken. Hmm ... What's wrong with this picture? Yep. You don't order chicken in a steakhouse, Mom ... but we're glad that you did 'cuz you couldn't eat it all an' brought the rest home for US in a kitty carton. Yay!

Now why couldn't Mom eat all of her chicken? It's because the Hunter Restaurants provide WAY TOO MUCH GOOD STUFF before your dinner even arrives at the table. Mom had potato skins as the appetizer ('cuz Grandma an' Grandad had shrimp (ah, shrimp) cocktails an' each had one of the potato skins, too. Then there was the little loaf of molasses bread an' the lazy susan salad bar. Mom's desserts are in the freezer. She has two slices of carrot cake an' one chocolate mousse pie that looks more like chocolate cheesecake.

What's next? Thursday is the Butcher Shop an' Friday is Casa de Pico for Mexican food. Yay!

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