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Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Kwee Cats are Team Lounging!

The Kwee Cats are Team Lounging!  Check 'em out as they make the fullest use of their lounge platform in a double-decker effort!  These competitors are true lounge athletes!

From the lower level on the left in the gray an' white uniform is Sneaky Pie spooning with Odysseus who's dressed in the natty black an' white team uniform.

In the upper lounging position on the back of the sofa in the all black uniform is Oliver in a head-to-head match up with his lounge partner.  Rounding out the Kwee Cat's entry is Pyewhackit wearin' the white with gray tiger stripes.

How will this team rank among all the entries in this grueling and highly competitive athletic competition?  With it being the 2012 Cat-O-Lympics, anything can happen!

1.  Two or more competitors must be photographed lounging together in the same frame.  1 point

2.  Grouping.  3 Points

3.  Costumed participant(s).  0 Points

4.  Unconsciousness. 5 Points

5.  Unorthodox lounging platform.   0 Points

6.  Artistic displays.    Stunning separation of athletes 1 Point

7.  Humor. 0 Points

Total: 10 Points

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Kwee Cats and Life said...

Thank you, DaisyMaeMaus! We wuz your commentary, it's the best :-) We so excited! Good lucks to evfurryone!