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Friday, July 13, 2012

Whisppy's Furries are Team Lounging!

The Furries of Whisppy are Team Lounging an' have entered as an interspecies team of Whisky the woofie an' Tutu the kitty!

Notice how their competition entry is a virtual 'yin and yang' of placement on the lounge platform!  Oh, an' don't let the purple an' gray color of the platform distract your attention from the athletes' stunning uniforms!  Whisky is resplendent in white while Tutu's torty furs look especially beautiful!

Stop by their bloggie ... The Furries of Whisppy ... or any of the other competitors entered in the Team Lounging competition to offer your encouragement!

Remember to get your entry submitted by no later than MIDNIGHT PDT tonight ... July 13th!  Time is truly running out!


1.  Two or more competitors must be photographed lounging together in the same frame.    1 Point

2.  Grouping.  1 Point

3.  Costumed participant(s).  0 Points

4.  Unconsciousness.   2 Points

5.  Unorthodox lounging platform.   0 Points

6.  Artistic displays.  Multispecies effort 1 Point

7.  Humor

Total:  5 points

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Kwee Cats and Life said...

Awwwww, they soooo cute!