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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Bonnie's Meme!

This is Bonnie Underfoot's Meme, but I got tagged by Rocky the Gutter Cat and Jeter Harris ... So, here are my answers!

A) Four places I have lived:
Up the street with the tribe of human heathens who painted my buns magenta
On Mom's cold, wet, metal bicycle shed ('til she 'dopted me)
The old house
The new house

B) Four things I love to watch:
Cat Television!
Mom eatin' stuff (that I can MAKE her share)
My fish

C) Four places I have been outside my home:
The porch (and I got in so much trouble!)
The mobile pet vet when I got spayed
Dr. Jacque's at South San Diego Pet Hospital
Inside the grandparents' SUV

D) Four websites I visit daily:
Skeezix the Cat/Mao/Rocky (and Tripper)
Daisy the Curly Cat for email

E) Four of my favorite foods:
Temptations Seafood Medley
Sheba (mostly lobster)
Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys with egg soufflé
Eukanuba for Adult Cats

F) Four places I would rather be right now:
On the back of the couch
On grand-dad's lap if he's takin' a nap
On my satin pillowcase on MY bed
On Mom's lap

G) Four toys I have owned and played with:
Whirly Bird®
Cat Dancer®
Wooly Bully®
Kitty Hoots® "Itty Bitty Kitty"

H) Four nicknames my staff have tried to assign me:
Mousie Butt-Cheeks (don't ask)
Honey Maus
Miss Meece
Beautiful Girl

I) Regarding Catnip:
Love it
It's nice
Could take it or leave it
Don't like it or can't have it
Answer: It's Nice ... I tend to get carried away if I get myself invested in the 'nip

J) Regarding Cat Grass:
Love it
It's nice
Could take it or leave it
Don't like it or can't have it
Answer: Love it ... It's currently languishing in the 'fridge 'cuz I got a little carried away

K) First four things I'd buy after winning the lottery:
An automatic water fountain with ice dispenser
Wider cat doors into the bedrooms 'cuz Puffy doesn't fit too good now
King-sized bed for ME and Mom; the boys can sleep on the "old" bed
First Class plane ticket for Jake and Rocky the Gutter Cat to come and visit me

L) Four things I do besides eat, sleep, and litterbox:
Blogging and visiting my boyfriend, Jake
Testing all beverages placed in my line-of-sight
Keep running calendar of days left 'til Mom's on vacation again
Prevent Feline Americans from throwing a bloody coup to unseat me at "Housecat of the Quarter" (my quarter ends on 3/3/2007 ... Unless I'm re-elected!).

M) Four things I want to do this summer:
Eat Temptations® efurryday
Take naps with grand-dad
Taunt neighborhood children with my beauty and visible softi-ness
Hide Charmee's pink silicone bracelets ... and watch him go CRAZY trying to find them (bwah, ha, ha ...)

N) My four most prized possessions that have limited value to anyone else:
Mom's bed
Minty Maus (my catnip sock)
Wicker chair near Mom's bed

O) What I’m going to do before tomorrow is over:
Play Whirly Bird® making Charmee jealous
Make biscuits on the back of the couch
Have some porky goodness
Eat Temptations®

P) Which of the following is your favorite place to hide and play?
Paper bags
Plastic bags
Other (please describe)
Answer: Other -- I like to hide under Mom's bed behind the bedskirt where I can jump out at the Feline Americans or grab Mom's feet

Q) Four other "pets" your staff have kept with you:
Fish: tetras, danios, cooley loach, clown loaches, catfish, cory catfish
Aquarium Snails: snacks for clown loaches
A plecostamus (sp?)
Assorted Feline Americans including Percy, Dolly, Meemaw, Huckleberry Finn and the current boys

R) Furriends I tag to respond (four or more):
Cousin Suzanne from Under the Bed
Jake from Jake & Bathsheba
Monica and Phoebe
Millie from Darling Millie
Brach Lee (Kukka-Maria's brainiac brother)
And anyone else who wants to play!

You know the drill. Copy this list and paste it into a new post. Insert your own answers, pass it on, and leave me a comment. I like comments. Yes, it's long. So skip some questions - you're a cat and don't have to do what anyone tells you.


Bonnie Underfoot said...

Great idea, adding the Mr. Linky! I've been trying to track the Meme, but it's spread like... well, like that VD Psychokitty Max sent out on Valentine's Day. Good answers!

Tara said...

Mousie butt-cheeks...gotta luv it! Great list! Tara

Jake and Bathsheba said...


I'll be waiting for that first class ticket to San Diego. We had wet snow today!


Karen Jo said...

I really enjoyed reading your answers, Daisy Mae. A water fountain with an ice dispenser sounds like a great idea.

Monica said...

I just completed mine and Phoebe's list on our blog. I hope you enjoy it.