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Friday, June 29, 2007

Concatulations to Junior Babee!

The winner of my 500th post contest is Junior Babee. He has selected a PetSmart gift card to go with his Temptations® prize pack. In addition to those fabulous prizes, he also gets to sponsor the cat of his choice from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. He chose ROCKEY, a cat with whom he shares a resemblance ... Check him out and read his story!

"Where did everybody go?"
Rockey once had a friend. But he didn't turn out to be much of one! When he moved one day, he simply left little Rockey behind for someone to find.
Then Rockey made another friend -- this time, a real buddy! He was an older gentleman, and he took pity on the beautiful cat, sneaking him into his senior apartment complex -- even though no pets were allowed. He taught Rockey tricks and took good care of him. But with no pets allowed, Rockey's new friend was afraid it was only a matter of time before the furry stowaway was found out. And then what would happen to him?
Thank goodness, there was soon an opening at Best Friends. Rockey's new friend was so relieved! The beautiful boy would be safe, after all. And it was none too soon, because it turned out Rockey had a little heart condition, and may need to go on medication.
But thanks to Best Friends members, he's getting medical care, and has a place to call home for as long as it takes him to make a new friend. Would you like to be his first new friend by becoming his sponsor?

And as if THAT wasn't fabulous enough, Junior Babee is also gettin' a hand-painted SQUILLION that my mom painted to look similar ... See?!? Doesn't this Squillion look at least a little bit like Junior? I think so, too ...



Tara said...

Wow, what great gifts DMM! That hand painted squillion is awesome!


Skeezix the Cat said...

Concats, Junior! I menshund yoo on my blog today!!!!!!