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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Saturday Photo Hunt #13: WATER!

This week's theme is "WATER".

The Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt theme for this week is WATER. Surely there will be photos of rivers, lakes, the ocean, snow ... But I want to show something a little different.

I dug through Mom's archive of photos and found one of Toby snoopervising the bathtub "WATER"! Toby's been gone for more than ten years now. He passed over the Rainbow Bridge on November 22, 1996. He was one of the only Feline Americans who liked to play in water. He'd often sit on the rim of the tub taking pot shots at the bubbles. He fell in a number of times, but that didn't dampen his fascination with water and baths.

This is a photograph of Toby when he was about two years old back when they lived in the old house. Mom had taken a bath and had pulled the plug to drain the water without "consulting" Toby first. As you can see, he is plainly asking "Where's the water goin', Mom? I'm not finished playing with it!"

I am not a fan of water unless it's in a cup accompanied by ice cubes or if it's in my bowl ... As far as I'm concerned, water is for DRINKIN'!

Friday, March 30, 2007

We mourn Itoko's passing

On a sad note ... Our friend Itoko, wife of Steve, and mother of three adult daughters, died this morning mere weeks after being diagnosed with leukemia. She was very kind, an excellent chef of Japanese cuisine, and a talented dancer who performed traditional Japanese dances.

Our condolences go out to her family and those who knew her. She will be missed.

Friday's Feast #13

Again, I'm gonna defer to Mom and let her answer the "Friday's Feast" questions ... My answers would just be strange ...

What are you proud of?
I'm proud that I haven't compromised my standards or integrity in the face of legislation like "No Child Left Behind." Educators are under tremendous governmental pressure to show growth in student achievement and a few have taken unethical means to do so. I have relied on preparation, practice, and honesty with the students who are ultimately the only ones who can show this academic "growth" ... I can't take the test for them.

What is the best thing you’ve ever won as a prize?
I've won a few things in my life. One would expect me to say the prize pack that I received from the San Diego Padres and the Viejas Indian Casino that included a gift certificate for $150 to Donovan's Steakhouse ... but I'd have to say that the best prize was when I was a ninth grader and I won a case of Pepsi, a Frisbee, a t-shirt, and a Pat Benatar album ("Promises in the Dark") from an AM radio station called 13-K. I won first prize; the grand prize was pair of Werlitzer jukeboxes. They announced the winner at lunchtime over the airwaves and my school played the radio over the PA system during lunch. When the DJ announced my name, the students gathered nearby erupted in cheers.

Name something you do that is a waste of time.
Hmmm ... I try not to do anything that's wasteful time-wise because I have so little extra time. I guess that coloring my hair is a waste of time because the color fades quickly and new gray hair seems to crop up like weeds ... It's also costly. I wonder why I do it? Beats me ...

Main Course
In what year of your life did you change the most?
In the fall of 1990, my life changed the most. That was when I began student-teaching (and took a six-month vow of poverty). I had no money, but I had grown-up responsibilities. That's also when I graduated college with my teaching credentials. I had a "career" where my peers still had "jobs"; I finished college and some are STILL working toward their degrees.

Where is a place you consider to be very tranquil?
Three places are tranquil for me and each has its specific purpose.

At the end of the school day when my colleagues are struggling through traffic and the kids are long gone, I find tranquility at my desk in my air-conditioned classroom. I have a comfortable chair, two fish tanks and myriad green plants (and a windchime) for feng shui, a 'fridge with snacks, and iTunes: I can work for hours.

Highway 101 between La Jolla and Oceanside is the second place. I can drive with the top down and the radio up along some of the most gorgeous coastline anywhere. There are places to stop for dinner and in the evenings, visitors at the two coastal campgrounds light their campfires. The scent is intoxicating. I return home with my hair in a "fright wig", but all is right with the world. The trip ... even with gas at $3.47/gal. ... settles me.

Finally, a drive through Julian, CA is like going back in time. The apple pies are legendary and if I drive "the long way," I can stop in Sta. Ysabel at Dudley's for some of the most creative flavors of artisan breads around. There's nothing like a Julian trip.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Tagged by the Meezer Gang: Why I Blog?

China Cat Sunflower ... Nicky, Kaia, and Stella (the Meezer Gang), AND Tara, Princess Meezer ... tagged me with this meme, so I'm gonna play along!

Tagged: Why I Blog
Five Reasons Why I Blog:

1. I have an opinion on most things and it must be expressed to anyone and efurryone!

2. Mom hogs the computer otherwise.

3. Through bloggin' I've met some furry wonderful friends (and discovered the Whirly Bird and PitrPats).

4. Communicating with other cats in the blogosphere has kept me up-to-date on what's important in the world.

5. Bloggin' is how I met my wonderful tomfriend, Jake ... Meow, Jake!

So, now I need to tag 5 others.
Phoebe, Jake, Fat Eric, Ayla the Grump, Rocky the Gutter Cat

Thursday Thirteen #13

Since I'm always learning interestin' things from Professor Daisy and Skeezix the Cat, I thought that I'd provide a public service of an informative nature, too ... Prepare to be enlightened!

Thirteen Fun Facts/Rules of Thumb About Animals from The Dog Hause

1. To breed buffaloes, you need at least 1 bull buffalo for every 15 cows.

2. To estimate the weight of a gray whale, figure one ton per foot in length.

3. Keep baby animals in a secure environment that is 90 to 95 degrees F until their eyes are open, then lower the temperature 5 degrees a week to room temperature.

4. A grown rat can pass through a whole the size of a quarter.

5. Some breeds of sheep look like goats and some breads of goats look like sheep. In general, sheep's tail stand down and goats tails stand up.

6. Bears can outrun, out climb, and out swim a human. Your only hope is to run downhill. A bear's center of gravity makes it difficult for them to run downhill.
That reminds me of a joke ...
Hikers, hunters, and fishermen are advised to wear small bells on their clothing to alert bears to their presence and to carry pepper spray with them in case of an encounter. They should also watch out for fresh signs of bear activity recognizing the difference between black bear and grizzly bear droppings. Black bear droppings are smaller and contain lots of berries and fur. Grizzly bear droppings have little bells in them and smell like pepper.

7. It takes a lobster approximately seven years to grow to be one pound.
And grandma about six minutes to eat one! BTW: Cockroaches and lobsters are kissin'-cousins! Yuck!

8. A 1,200-pound horse eats about seven times it's own weight each year.

9. The circumference of an elephant's front foot is equal to the height to the shoulder from the ground up.

10. Fish have vertical tails. Mammals, reptiles, and birds have horizontal tails.

11. A female swine, or a sow, will always have a even number of teats or nipples, usually twelve.
I CANNOT imagine havin' a DOZEN hoots! Can you???

12. Zigzag to outrun a crocodile.
This seems like a good piece of information for Daisy the Curly Cat since she encounters them when she's out strollin'!

13. When stuffed tarantulas are displayed in a glass case, two out of four people will find them interesting. One person will refuse to look and one will want to inspect them closely. All will coil at the idea of the top of the display case being removed.
Humans are such wusses ... Big, furry spiders are DELICIOUS!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wee-body Wednesday

For a refreshing change of pace, I thought that I'd post a pair of photos illustrating a "wee-body" on Wednesday. Isn't this baby furry precious? He's havin' some yogurt. Mmm ... yogurt. Mmmoooooommmmm?!?

Of course, you can click on the photos to biggify (and get a closer look at that irresistable baby tummy)!

Thanks to our Aunt Montie for findin' these immensely cute baby photos and emailin' 'em to us!

What??!? Wednesday: This math doesn't add up!

Why does "black masheen" + letter + woofie cousin = ice cream cone at Mickey D's?

I know!! I don't get it either. My Uncle James came to visit and brought the goofy woofie with him. Mom had to mail an important letter to complain to the President and C.F.O. of Earl Scheib, so she INVITED SHADOW TO GO WITH HER?!? Why would Mom do that? She never invites me to go for a ride in the car. Not that I blame her 'cuz I tend to pee all over cars ... but it would be nice to get invited! I should have the "right of first refusal," right?

Anyway, Mom loaded the woofie in the black masheen and hooked up his seatbelt. She drove him clear across town in rush-hour traffic to mail the letter. They came back via the scenic Coronado Bay Bridge and drove down the Silver Strand. It wouldn't have been so bad if she hadn't pulled into the drive-thru at McDonald's and gotten him an ice cream cone. An ICE CREAM CONE! I like ice cream cones! What about me? Whimper ...

Not only did he get to go for a 90 minute car ride, he also to sit in the black masheen, inhale his cone, and the rest of Mom's, too! He got TWO ice cream cones! Where's the fairness? Where's the justice?

Sulk ...

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Mom's cousin sent this information in an email this afternoon. I know that our friends in the cat blogosphere would want to know how Zoey is doing, so here is the email:

"Zoey does have chronic kidney failure. The vet is going to report her case to the health board as a suspected case caused by the food recall. Her level is at 106; it should be below 30. I took her back into the vet this morning to have the vet teach me how to do an IV for fluids. We'll be doing it at home every other day in connection with pills and a special diet. I just brought her home after her first treatment. She took the IV injection well and is very happy except for having to be in her cage to go and come back from the vet.

She hasn't been eating much for the last couple of days, but gobbled up the new special food quite happily once home.

The vet will be monitoring her closely over the next week and we'll test her levels next Tuesday to see how she's doing on the treatment. The good news is she's a big cat and the bigger the cat is, the more successful the treatment is and that she was willing to eat the new diet. We're cautiously optimistic but the vet did caution that her current life expectancy is about one month to a year depending on how she responds to treatment. I know she'll do fine. Thanks for your love, support and prayers."

The Feline Americans and I want to thank efurryone for their positive karma and purrayers. We are CERTAIN that it is through all of your positive thoughts that miracles happen. As information about Zoey's condition comes to us, we will share it with you. Thank you for caring ...

Happy Birthday: Uncle Jer and Jake

March 27th is a furry significant day: It's the 59th birthday of my Uncle Jerry who lives in the Pacific Northwest and was my Cousin Knuckles' dad (She went to the Rainbow Bridge back in August). A big birthday shout out to Uncle Jer!

Also, my supersweet Valentine, Jake, of Jake and Bathsheba, is celebrating his thirteenth birthday. He's my ManCat and I wanna wish him a terrific birthday and a "heads up" 'cuz I'm teleportin' over this evening with some tuna juice, a fresh bag of 'nip, and my tinsel wand. Meeee-owwww!
Purr, purr ... Jake.

Tuxie Toesday Toozday!

Here are some shots of me practicin' for my cameo on "Next Top Model."
As you can see, I've got the catitude down and am more than ready for my close-up.
"Meow for the camera, sweetheart!"
Supersexy down to my toes! Take that, Tyra!DMM

Monday, March 26, 2007

ManCat Monday: Charmee

How does one become a ManCat? Liftin' weights? Buildin' muscles? Cultivating a masculine profile? All of the aforementioned, certainly!

As you can see ... Lucky Charmz is working on cultivating his masculine profile by immitating one of his heroes: Skeezix the Cat. All Charmee needs is a pair of fashionable pink sunglasses to catapult him into hunkdom.

This ManCat is smokin' hot! Meow!

Think HEALTHY Thoughts, please ...

Efurryone ...
We just got an email from our cousin Zoey's mom in Oregon. She's furry worried 'cuz Zoey's not eatin' and she seems listless. Zoey could be depressed about the loss of her brother Mackenzie (he went to the Bridge in February), but they also said that she had been eatin' one of the kinds of food that was on the recall before it was recalled ...

Her mom is takin' her to the V-E-T today to get checked out. Please say furry many purrayers for her to get better. Efurryone is anxious and scared ...


Sunday, March 25, 2007

You'd THINK that I'd be a "Daisy," right?

"Mischief is your middle name, but your first is friend. You are quite the prankster who loves to make other people laugh."

I am a

Which Flower
Are You?

Happy 23rd Anniversary to our Aunt Montie!

Today is our Aunt Montie's anniversary! We want to take just a moment to wish her (and her husband, Harold) a very happy day! From what we understand, marriages are wonderful things, but they take a lot of effort to make them work. Concatulations!
DaisyMae Maus and Feline Americans

Oh, and Charmee wanted to give a slurpy smooch to his Aunt Montie!

Never, ever forget ... Our lives depend upon our remembering the Holocaust ...

Since Sundays are good days to think about our world and our places in that world, please read the cartoon by Wiley (creator of "Non Sequitur") carefully, it's powerful.

We cannot ... we must not ... ever forget what happened in Europe over 60 years ago, because it could happen again. Anyone ... any group ... could be the target. It has been said that those who refuse to study history are doomed to repeat it.

In this case, those who are attempting to rewrite history are probably planning to repeat it! The hatred is already there, in place, taught to the children from infancy, with promises of glory and honor to those who carry out the plans.

Forewarned is forearmed, and I'm doing my small part for humanity and all other species by posting this message.

Thank you to Mom's colleague, Deborah B., for sending it to her in an email.

In Memoriam

It is now more than 60 years after the Second World War in Europe ended. This e-mail is being sent as a memorial chain, in memory of the six million Jews, 20 million Russians, 10 million Christians and 1,900 Catholic priests who were murdered, massacred, raped, burned, starved and humiliated with the German and Russia peoples looking the other way!

Now, more than ever, with Iran, among others, claiming the Holocaust to be "a myth," it is imperative to make sure the world never forgets, because the Islamo-Facists want to do it again.

(click cartoon to biggify)

Saturday, March 24, 2007

I am now FAMOUS!

Karen Jo wrote a limerick about ME! Can you believe it? I have my furry own limerick and it's EXCELLENT. Thanks, Karen Jo ... You've immortalized me in poetry and I'm furry grateful.

You can find more limericks written by Karen Jo at her blog: Kitty Limericks.

Check mine out!
Love you, Karen Jo!

St. Paddy's Day Replay!

Mom FINALLY downloaded the photos for me so I can show you how utterly foolish Sparky Fuzzypants and Lucky Charmz got on St. Paddy's Day last weekend. Furry silly, huh?

Saturday Photo Hunt #12: EMPTY!

This week's theme is "EMPTY".

Hmmm ... What to post for the Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt this week? I could post empty bowls, empty bags, Sparky Fuzzypants' empty head ...

Nah. Certainly other cats will post things like that ...

Oh, I know! It's SPRING once again and the hummingbirds are back in force! Mom puts special feeders up on the porch and in the backyard to provide food for the little buggers. And BOY ARE THEY THIRSTY! There are at least three feeders out at a given time and during the summer and fall, Mom often has to fill them all each day to keep up with the demand. We don't use the commercial red stuff that's sold in pet stores. Mom makes her own with cane sugar and water. The hummingbirds must really like the formula, 'cuz this is what our feeders look like: "EMPTY"!

DaisyMae's Word of the Day: GWINK

Here's another informative vocabulary lesson to build your FELINE LEXICON ...

From DaisyMae's Feline Dictionary of Terms and Phrases, the phrase of the day is:

GWINK (noun/verb) ... goo weengk ... Noun: A beverage served in a cup or bowl-like vessel (usually with ice) with the intention of quenching thirst. Verb: The act of consuming a beverage with the intention of quenching thirst.

Sentence example:
1. If he doesn't have a fresh cup of ice water of his very own, Cocoa Puff will quietly slip onto the table, put his face into your glass, and messily help himself to a gwink of your gwink.

Saturday Photo Hunt #11: From March 17th

Since my Macintosh was bein' diagnosed and repaired by the computer dweebs last weekend, I didn't get to post my Saturday Photo Hunt picture for the "Drink" theme. I don't like to miss opportunities to participate in this meme, so I'm postin' last week's theme photo AND this week's today.

This week's theme is "DRINK".

For the Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt, I'm postin' photos of Feline American Cocoa Puff enjoyin' a "gwink" ... Puffy doesn't like to drink still water from the communal cat dish that Mom parks on the end table. No, Puffy is a gourmand (obviously ... Have you checked out his girth?) and has to have his Culligan filtered water presented in a plastic cup full of ice. Mom says that this habit isn't unique to Puffy ... It was started in our fambly by Feline American Lacey Bunns back in 1988 when she wouldn't drink any water that wasn't presented in a porcelain mug filled with ice. Picky, picky ... Anyway, these are my photos representing "DRINK".

Friday, March 23, 2007

Does Your English Cut the Mustard, Blogging Cats?

I was over at Yao-Lin's (Yao-Lin's Yawnings) bloggie and noticed this quiz ... From the looks of my results, I'd have to say that I am definitely my mom's fur-daughter. As you can plainly see, I have flawless grammar and punctuation, and my vocabulary is way above average, too ... Mom should be proud of me. Not that I'm conceited or anything ...
DMM, Grammarian and Excellent Speller

Your English Skills:

Grammar: 100%
Punctuation: 100%
Spelling: 100%
Vocabulary: 100%

Happy Belated Birthday to Kat's Cat-of-the-Day!

Love from us on your FIRST BIRTHDAY!
DMM and Feline Americans

Parker moved to Blogger! Stop by and visit!

Be sure to change your blogrolls, 'cuz Parker of Perfectly Parker has made the move to Blogger. You can find her blog at

Tell her that DaisyMae Maus said to stop by ...

Friday's Feast #12

Who is your favorite news anchor/reporter? Why?
As a cat, I don't tend to watch the evening news ... I prefer to get my "news of the world" by reading either online while I'm blogging or by sitting atop a newspaper.

Mom mentioned a news anchor from when she was a kid. Her name is Bree Walker and she was a very good "talking head" back in the 1980s.

Name 3 foods that are currently in your freezer.
Ice isn't a food, is it? Okay ... There are Toaster Streudels that Charmee and I like to lick the frosting from. There's a bag of frozen Texas Eggrolls that Mom made with cream cheese, jalapeƱos, and lumpia wrappers that she serves with jalapeƱo jelly. And there's half a bag of pretzels ... Mom keeps 'em in the freezer to keep 'em fresh.

If you were to have the opportunity to name a new town or city, what would you call it?
I would likely name it after my brother, Huckleberry Finn. Perhaps "Huckleberry" would be the name I'd choose. Where would this city or town be located? Somewhere in Southern California would be likely. I'd rather name a street after him, though. "Caminito Huckleberry" would confound the native Californians sufficiently.

Main Course
What will most likely be the next book you read?
Mom reads lots of books, but I'm waiting for "Harry Potter" part 7 ...

What's the first thing you notice about the opposite gender?
Whether or not he's neutered ...

Thanks to "The Screaming Pages" (great blog!) for the condiments ... Find her at The Screaming Pages!

CONDIMENTS: For Mom to answer 'cuz they don't really apply to me ... much.

How’s your car running?
Like a champ. It's got 193,440 miles on it (I bought it new in 1992). It's freshly painted (don't get me started on Earl Scheib). The stereo's missing ...

How’s your blood pressure?
A little high for reasons I'm sure you can surmise from the previous question.

How’s work (or school)?
Halfway through my vacation ... I've driven by "work" ... It's still there.

How’s 2007 so far?
With just 1/4th of it complete, I'm gonna pass on this question. Ask me again in November.

How’s your hair?
Ugh. I had a bad haircut about three months ago. I'm trying to grow it out some so that I can get rid of the layers. My color's fading and it needs to be redone ... Otherwise, supermodel-city ... yeah, right.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Survey Sez??

Free Online Surveys

Thursday Thirteen #12

Thirteen Places Mom Has Found One of Charmee's Silicone Cause Bracelets

Note: He likes the PINK (Breast Cancer), RED (Red Ribbon Week/Drug Awareness), and YELLOW (Lance Armstrong) bracelets the best, so they're the ones that are found places. The other colors are dumped unceremoniously in front of the fireplace where he neglects them.

1. PINK: In her shoe ... It was slobbery, too.

2. YELLOW: Floating in the water dish in the kitchen.

3. RED: Buried in a pile of jeans on laundry day.

4. YELLOW: Sitting like a cherry atop an "ice cream sundae" of warm towels.

5. PINK: Smooshed into a crevice in the La-Z-Boy

6. PINK: Under the covers on her bed ... I mean, MY bed.

7. RED: Shoved under the door to the human-litterbox-for-guests while Mom was doin' who-knows-what, but Charmee wanted her to open the door.

8. RED: In the center of the bathtub after Mom took a shower. It got wet.

9. PINK: Next to her plate on the dinner table ... It was a really gnarly looking bracelet, too! It woulda put me off my kibbles for a minute or two.

10. YELLOW: On the litter mat at the door of the bottom litterbox.

11. PINK: Atop the fishtank ... Apparently, Charmee was teasin' the fish ...

12. YELLOW: At Christmastime, she found that he'd hung a bracelet from one of the lower branches like an ornament. His bracelet didn't go very well with Mom's collection of snowmen.

13. RED: Stuffed underneath the range along with some fuzzy mice, a milk jug ring, a pink Eeeek!®, some dust bunnies, and a single crusty Temptation®. Mom pulled all of our loot out with the fly swatter ... I ate the Temptation®.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Whiny Wednesday AGAIN!

Ugh ... Mom went to pick up the black masheen and came back utterly disgusted. She didn't wanna pet me or anything. She said that the dumb-a**es at Earl Scheib Paint and Body in Chula Vista, CA, left her car unlocked in their parking lot and someone STOLE HER CAR STEREO! Doesn't that suck? Mom had "words" with the manager of the place ... a useless man who hemmed and hawed ... and then she went to the Chula Vista Police Department to report the burglary/get a police report filed for insurance purposes.

I listened to Mom and came up with this little piece of advice for humans who deal with idiots on a daily basis: Insist that auto-masheen technicians LOCK your car when they're not working on it. Apparently, technicians DON'T CARE about your property in the slightest and therefore, leave your masheens unattended and accessable to any "Tom, Dick or Harry" who happens by.

Mom learned the hard way and will now have to deal with her insurance company, the CVPD, and Earl Scheib Corporate. And to think that she's supposed to be ON VACATION. She told me that she'd rather be at work for all the crap that these last two weeks have wrought.

Sucks to be a human, huh?

Thanks Skeezix, et al ...

We'd like to say a huge "THANK YOU" to Skeezix the Cat, Maobert, Rocky the Gutter Cat, and Tripper the Psycho Stray Cat ... The four felinitarians sponsored a cat from Best Friends Animal Society in honor of Fudge Ripple.

Their gesture is immensely thoughtful and means a great deal to us, so we'd like to say "thanks" to the boys from Castro Valley near the big forest ... You're TERRIFIC and we love you! Thanks to the Food Lady and Mr. Tasty Face, too!

Your best friends,
DaisyMae Maus, Cocoa Puff, Sparky Fuzzypants, Pumpkin, and Lucky Charmz (Mom, too)

This is the cat that Skeezix the Cat, Maobert, Rocky the Gutter Cat, and Tripper sponsored ... His name is Oliver.

They call him "Oliver Bad Man" in the most affectionate way imaginable. Yes, he can be a bit of a devil. One minute this long-haired beauty with the face of a lion is snuggling and sleepy. The next, he's nipping excitedly and making a run for the door! It's hard to know what to make of this tabby and his moods, but people who work with him can't help loving him for his antics.

Oliver was born in 2000, and came from a rescue group in Phoenix. He can be adopted, but ... "no kids under 40" say his caregivers with a smile.

To Honor Fudgie's contributions in this life, we also made a donation to Best Friends Animal Society to benefit two cats: Baby and Scout.
This is Baby (isn't she cute?) ...

Anyone who loves frisky kittens will adore Baby! She bats at jingly things, and turns herself upside down in fits of playfulness. You'd almost think she knows how cute she is! This fur-baby looks a little bit like a bowling ball from a certain angle -- she's all fluff and roundness! She was born with a useless back leg that juts out strangely. But she is still able to walk and play.

Baby was born in mid-2002. Her family brought her to a vet, asking to have her birth defect fixed. (Along with the jutting leg, she is incontinent). When the vet said she could not be fully repaired, they requested that she be put down. The vet, enraptured by this happy, playful kitten, could not do it and called Best Friends instead. She now lives and plays here at Kitty Motel.

And this is Scout ... We think that he has a sweet face, doesn't he?

Scout was born with a neurological problem, so he can't walk straight. But he turns into an amazing athlete when you bring out a ping pong ball! He goes straight for it, no hesitation at all! It's incredible!

Scout once had a very loving person. She met Scout as a little kitten. But it wasn't long before she noticed that Scout was different. He couldn't walk right and he couldn't jump very well. He didn't groom himself like other cats. And when he watched birds outside the house, he would pounce for them, running into the sliding glass door. No matter how many times he ran into the door, he never understood. His person had to shut the curtains so he would stop ramming his head! One day, Scout went to the vet to get neutered. After a couple hours, his person got a call. The vet said that Scout wasn't pulling out of the anesthesia. He said he was going to keep Scout overnight. The next day he called back. He said that Scout hadn't had any problems with the anesthesia at all -- why hadn't she told him he's always like that? Whoops! Scout was special, and his person loved him very much. Unfortunately, Scout's person got married and had a baby. When the baby was born Scout was not happy. He would hiss and growl. So he came here to Best Friends.

Scout is 9 years old. When he first got to the sanctuary, he was so stressed out he would only walk in circles. But now he's settled down. He likes to explore his new home. And he's learned that he really likes the company of other cats. He's just not as sure about people, unless they have a ping pong ball! If you like table tennis and maybe aren't so fond of babies, you might be a perfect pen pal and sponsor for Scout!

It you'd like to, you can also sponsor a cat (or other type of animal: many different types make their homes at the sanctuary ... You can click this link and be instantly connected to Best Friends Animal Society.

Justice? Well, maybe just a little ...

A number of you asked about the sentencing of the mugger who stole Mom's purse last May 22nd ...

Last Monday, March 19th, the mugger ... Johnson III (she won't publish his whole name) ... was sentenced to two years in state prison. Of course, that's not nearly long enough. His probation officer told Mom that the mugger was still being prosecuted on an additional charge that could result in more incarceration time. Mom doesn't know for sure, but she speculates that the additional charge is a "three strikes" issue.

Needless to say, Mom WISHES that he'd have been given the maximum sentence ...


What??!? Wednesday: Tiny babies

Mom's friend, Elaine, sent her an email with these photos in it. Mom was impressed by the tininess of the babies and then she saw that they were sculptures made with marzipan.

I like sweets like cookies and pudding and pie, so I might want to nibble on these "candy kids" ... Do you think that Mom would get mad?

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Foiled AGAIN!

Well, Lucky Charmz did liberate a number of treats from the Pounce® bag, but Mom had the last word: She put the treats into the 'frigerator.
Damn thumbless paws! Bast!


Now, efurryone knows how much I love my Temptations®. In fact, I love my Temptations® in any flavor that I can get 'em in. But Mom brought home a new treat for us (read: ME) that is givin' my beloved Temptations® a run for their money. Mom stopped by PetSmart after pickin' up the computer and while she was there, she spied a green package of treats that she had never seen before ... She knows that my "seafood medley" Tempations® come in a kelly green package, but now Pounce® is makin' crunchy treats in a kelly green bag. Mom was intrigued ... She carefully read the package and noted that we typically don't LIKE to eat Pounce® brand treats (Mom says that they smell like Play-Doh©) ...

Anyway, she read the label and noticed that they aren't chicken-flavor or fishy-flavor: They're CATNIP flavored treats!!! What cat doesn't love 'nip in its many forms? Certainly a 'nip-flavored treat would be a taste sensation ... true? So she bought us a bag.

I must say ... I LOVE MY MOM! She is wonderful. She bought us (read: ME) some of the most delicious treats EVER! And the bag is huge! There must be a squillion little clover-shaped nuggets inside that glorious kelly green bag!

Yummo! Try them if they're not already sold out at your neighborhood purveyor of feline delights. They're a must for gourmands efurrywhere!

DMM, Treat afficionado

UPDATE: Lucky Charmz LOVES these Pounce® catnip-flavored treats so much that he pulled something worthy of Rocky the "Nip Fiend" Gutter Cat -- He snuck out into the kitchen when Mom wasn't lookin', paw-popped the cupboard door open, dragged out the package, and perforated it in about six places. His defense was: "You weren't dolin' 'em out and I was HUNGRY! I had to get some for myself!"

Mom's not buyin' his reasoning at all ...

We're Baaaaaaaackkkk!

Good News! Mom picked up our computer this afternoon and it had only one problem: It had a defective lan-thingamabob and it only cost $5.95 plus tax to replace it! Can you believe it? Our computer dweebs are the BEST!

So, I'll be bloggin' (when I can think of things to blog about) and I'll be postin' photos ... When Mom gets the photos off of her digital camera for me ...

Yea! I'm so happy to be back on line with MY Macintosh! Go DaisyMae! Go DaisyMae!

BTW: Happy Vernal Equinox ... It's the first day of SPRING! We gave a FDoS present to our cousin, Shadow Saluki, today. He got a bag of regular-sized Greenies® and a nifty Harley-Davidson® bandanna to wear on his walkies. He was furry grateful for the pressies and had a Greenie® right away (he did hold still long enough to get his bandanna on) ... We'll have to take a photo of him wearin' his stuff.


Sunday, March 18, 2007

Still havin' computer issues ...

What a mess! It's a good thing that Mom has one of those little zippy things, 'cuz the computer ATE EVERYTHING that she hadn't stored on the zippy thing. She spent HOURS trying to get things to work properly and will probably have to drop off the tower at the office of the computer dweebs sometime today for a "diagnostic" ... Mom can do lots of stuff with the computer, but sometimes it's just beyond "the scope of her knowledge" ...

I want the computer working properly RIGHT NOW 'cuz I've gotten behind in my blogging and I didn't get to post my Saturday Photo Hunt photo for "drink" ... I was gonna show Cocoa Puff drinking out of his cup with his ice and everything ... Sigh.


Saturday, March 17, 2007

Say a little prayer for Earl Grey ...

Earl Grey and Family:
We're purrayin' for your surgery to be successful and for you to get better furry quickly!
Love from your best friends,
DaisyMae Maus and the Feline Americans