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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A blast from the past: Charmee!

Hey efurryone!
Mom was working in the computer lab with her horrible ninth graders and she found this photo was lurking on the school's server. She'd been looking for it on dozens of cds and thought that Charmee's baby picture was lost ... But here it is!

Even back when he was just six weeks old, he was a biter! Look how he's attacking his Burt! He's getting ready to bunnykick him!

Charmee was so young in this photo that he didn't have his dark brown spots yet ... But you can certainly see his K-Mart tail! If you look carefully, you can see where he got the nickname "Nippies" ... Hee, hee!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ugh ... School has started AGAIN!

Mom started her classes last Wednesday an' I want her HOME! I had only six weeks with Mom on her vacation, and while she didn't go anywhere an' spent lots of time with me, I didn't get enough. What's the deal with people? How come they hafta go day-hunting efurryday when they could spend time takin' naps with us?!? Nine weeks better go pretty quickly 'cuz I want my MOM!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sparky Fuzzypants LOST?!?

Mom was freakin' out this morning when she couldn't find Feline American Sparky Fuzzypants anywhere in the house. Today is our new day with the garbage trucks an' recycling trucks. Grandad was helping to take out the trash an' swears that Sparky didn't escape while the door was open. Sparky is fast an' Grandad is not furry careful when he's around the door ... so where was Mr. Pants if he didn't make a run for it? No one knew ...

With Mom being who she is, she searched the whole house. She looked high an' low. She got out the canister of Temptations an' offered snacks to all of us. No Mr. Pants. Where could he be? He LOVES Temptations an' wouldn't miss the opportunity to have some.

Mom asked us where Mr. Pants was. He's not furry smart, but he's not the hiding type, either. No Mr. Pants ... Mom was starting to panic 'cuz she said that she saw a kitty who got sent to the Bridge by a car. That kitty was black an' Mr. Pants is stripy an' brown. That didn't stop Mom from panicking anyway.

Then Mom got smart an' remembered how Feline American Pumpkin hid under her bed when he was afraid of the cat sitter. Mom got a flashlight an' got down on the bedroom floor to look for Mr. Pants. And that goofus was under the bed yawning at Mom. She said, "Thank God!" When Sparky Fuzzypants heard her voice, he meowed at her an' came right out from under the bed like he'd been playing "Hide and Go Seek" and just got found!

When he came out to the living room to sit on the back of the recliner, I told him that he was a big furry stupid-head an' that WE had gotten some Temptations!

Dumb brofurs!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Today marks FIVE years that I've been blogging an' I totally would have forgotten if KC hadn't sent me a reminder! Wow! Such an important moment!

I wanna say "thanks" to efurryone who has been instrumental in the achievement of this milestone to include Skeezix the Cat who was the reason I started blogging in the first place!

Much love and meows!