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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Try Eukanuba with FOS!


Feline American Charmee proclaims,
"It's MINE! All of the bags in this box are mine, all mine!"
Do you have the courage to deny him?

A couple of weeks ago, our good furriend Bev (who works for Eukanuba), contacted us about taste-testing the new and improved kibbles that should be arriving in your favorite pet supply stores now. Of course, we were THRILLED to be doin’ anything for Eukanuba because we are huge fans ... But even better, we were gonna get to try these delicious kibbles FOR FREE from Eukanuba! Yippee!

Bev told us that
Eukanuba was changing the look of all of the bags, and reformulating their kibbles to add a special prebiotic ingredient which they refer to as FOS. We were intrigued because the only “FOS” that we’ve ever heard of were the members of the Catster group Friends of Skeezix (the Cat).

But apparently the “FOS” in the Eukanuba food is actually somethin’ called Fructooligosaccharides. Hmmm ... never heard of ‘em. Thankfully, Bev knows all about those FOS an’ she provided some information to educate us ‘bout what they do:

“Fructooligosaccharides, a prebiotic fiber, provides a food source to the beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract, which helps reduce the bad bacteria. This helps maintain a healthy balance in the digestive system and supports healthy defenses. This prebiotic is now in all
Eukanuba cat formulas.”

If you wanna get some additional information about FOS an’ what it does, you can visit
Bev’s personal blog.

A few days after we accepted Eukanuba's offer to be taste-testers, our Man-in-the-Brown-Shorts arrived with a ginormous box of FREE Eukanuba bags! Bev sent food especially chosen for our unique needs: Charmee an’ Sparky Fuzzypants received bags of Eukanuba Indoor Hairball formula; Pumpkin got a bag of Eukanuba Kitten formula because he needs the additional nutrition after having a debilitating stroke; Cocoa Puff’s bag was Eukanuba Weight Control; and bein’ a “geezer-ette,” I got Eukanuba Senior formula.

When Mom put the box onto the dining room table, we all wanted to see what we’d gotten. It was better than CHRISTMAS! Charmee literally got into the box with the five bags of food an’ tried to open them with his teeth. Have I mentioned that we really love Eukanuba? When there’s a new bag of food in the house, Mom knows that she’s gotta open it up an’ let us have some right away. But not this time ... Mom had a job to do first an’ it didn’t have anything to do with “weaning” us onto the new formulation (Of course, efurryone knows that kitties with sensative tummies should eat a mix of their ”old food with their new food for a couple of days” just to be safe).

Why was Mom takin’ her sweet time before openin’ those bags an’ lettin’ us taste ‘em? Well ... She wanted to get the bags photographed first an’ they don’t look quite as pretty when one of us has his/her head stuffed into the bag an’ is gobblin’ away ...

Needless to say, we couldn’t detect any difference in the flavor, color, texture, size or shape of our Eukanuba kibbles. We plowed through bowls of it each and efurryday just like we always do. Personally, I don’t think that you’ll notice any difference either ... Other than the labels on the bags (which feature larger kitties on each bag and clearer item descriptions). I suppose the intention was to keep cats’ intestinal tracts healthier by reducing the bad bacteria and enhancing the beneficial ones. Mom has noted that our litter boxes don’t tend to smell as odoriferous (Mom actually says, “Rank nasty!”) than prior to the beginning of our taste-testing. The odor change happened within seven days. Even Grandma has noticed a marked decrease in fecal odor in addition to fewer loose bowel movements from those of us with more sensative tummies. We owe this improvement to Eukanuba with FOS. The bags of food have also lasted a bit longer than normal, too. Mom’s attributing that partly to the warm weather reducing our appetites, but we think that the new formula is more satisfying than what we’ve eaten in the past. Hmm ...

In addition to the five bags of newly formulated
Eukanuba kibbles for kitties, Bev an’ her colleague, Emily, also sent us FIVE vouchers each good for a FREE 4-pound bag of Eukanuba Cat food. Five lucky commenters on this post will each receive a voucher (courtesy of Eukanuba) with a little prize-pack from me. If you wanna Eukanuba ... an’ your fambly lives in the United States (sorry international readers) ... leave me a comment on this post. If there is more than one kitty livin’ at your house, you can leave a separate comment from each kitty (up to five kitties total) ... to give efurryone a chance at a coupon. Only one coupon will be awarded to a household, so if Zoey, Cha-Ching, Chewie, Smoke, an’ Tigger each leave me a comment, an’ Chewie is selected to receive a coupon an’ prize-pack, then no other kitty at their house can get one. Unnerstand? Good.

In the interest of full transparency: DaisyMae Maus an’ the Feline Americans received the five FREE bags of new
Eukanuba Cat food an’ the five FREE 4-pound Eukanuba Cat food vouchers to give away to readers courtesy of the Eukanuba Company and at no cost. Additionally, FOS was already in Eukanuba Cat Sensitive Stomach formula, so no change there. FOS has been added into all of the other formulas. The biggest change is in how the packages look.

If you are one of the five lucky kitties to receive a voucher for a FREE 4-pound bag of
Eukanuba kibbles, please send Bev some feedback via her bloggie: Pet Care Bev. We think that you’ll enjoy Eukanuba Cat kibbles with FOS as much as we have. The five voucher recipients will be selected at 12:01 AM on Thursday, October 1, 2009 (Grandad's birthday!).

DaisyMae Maus an’ the Feline Americans are Eukanuba cats for life!

You can click on this link to visit Eukanuba!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Meow Like a Pirate 2009!

Avast, me hearties! It be that time o' year again when we all don our finest pirate garb an' meow like the dred pirates we are! So square ye jib an' hoist yer sails for a trip across the bounding main! A stiff wind awaits!

Yo ho, yo ho efurryone!
Dred Pirate DaisyMae an' her crew o' Feline 'Merikans

Oh, BTW: The graphics were pirated from Facebook's furry own "Hatchlings" ... hee, hee

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cousin Gandalf went to the Bridge

We are terribly sad to report that our cousin, Gandalf (member of Zoey an' the Furballs), was hit by a car last night an' went to the Bridge.

Please visit Zoey's bloggie an' offer your condolences. The whole fambly is heart-broken over this horrible tragedy.

Gandalf: We hope that you have plenty of Temptations an' Pit-R-Pats at the Bridge ... We'll miss you.
DMM & the Feline Americans

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy Birthday to Skeezix! He's FIVE!

We don't wanna forget to mention that our excellent furriend, Feline Fashionista Skeezix the Cat, is celebratin' his fifth birthday. He an' the Food Lady are the stars of this beautiful piece of art painted by Crazy Cat Lady Artist Susan Faye. You can find her paintings at

Be sure to stop by Skeezy's bloggie an' wish him a terrific birthday full of Fancy Feast Turkey with Gravy an' stuff made in PINK!

Happiest of birthdays to you, dood! An' many, many more ....
DMM & the Feline Americans

Mmmm ... More Restaurant Week!

Tonight, Mom went to Hunter Steakhouse ... an' had chicken. Hmm ... What's wrong with this picture? Yep. You don't order chicken in a steakhouse, Mom ... but we're glad that you did 'cuz you couldn't eat it all an' brought the rest home for US in a kitty carton. Yay!

Now why couldn't Mom eat all of her chicken? It's because the Hunter Restaurants provide WAY TOO MUCH GOOD STUFF before your dinner even arrives at the table. Mom had potato skins as the appetizer ('cuz Grandma an' Grandad had shrimp (ah, shrimp) cocktails an' each had one of the potato skins, too. Then there was the little loaf of molasses bread an' the lazy susan salad bar. Mom's desserts are in the freezer. She has two slices of carrot cake an' one chocolate mousse pie that looks more like chocolate cheesecake.

What's next? Thursday is the Butcher Shop an' Friday is Casa de Pico for Mexican food. Yay!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mmmm ... Restaurant Week 9/'09

Mom came home from a conference today an' then left again. It's Restaurant Week in San Diego for the second time this year an' Mom had reservations with Grandma an' Grandpa for the 94th Aero Squadron restaurant.

The 94th Aero Squadron is located near a small airport where diners can watch landings and take-offs of small non-commercial airplanes. Mom's always wanted to try this restaurant because the people she babysat for when she was a teenager would eat at the 94th whenever they wanted a romantic "night out." The inside is vintage WWII with Sirius Satellite Radio tuned to 1940s music for ambiance.

Anyway, the 94th Aero Squadron was featuring the $30.00 price point for its pre fixe menu, so with tip, Mom's check for dinner was $119.00 ... Not too bad for three adults.

Here's the menu:
Choice of First/Appetizers Course
Choice of Second/Main Course
Choice of Third/Dessert Course

Friday, September 11, 2009

It's been eight years since ... We shall never forget!

In honor of the eighth anniversary of the September 11th attacks on America, we are revisiting the patriot we honored back in 2006 on the fifth anniversary. Her name was Laura M. Longing and she was, in every sense of the word, a hero to this country who lost her life ... and who left behind a loving family.

Laura M. Longing
Age: 35
Resident of Pearl River, NY

Laura M. (Pettus) Longing of Pearl River, New York, was an extraordinary woman. In her thirty-five years, she accomplished much and touched the lives of many. She was a loving wife and mother, an accomplished businesswoman, and a patriot. She was an Assistant Vice President for Marsh USA. Her office was on the 96th floor of the World Trade Center in the North Tower (Tower I). She managed projects in the technology information systems department. During her ten-year career, Laura worked for Marsh & McLennan Companies and their subsidiaries.

Laura graduated from Nanuet High School in 1984. While a student, she played varsity soccer and softball. After high school, Laura earned her Bachelor's Degree in Management from Pace University in 1988, and went on to earn a Master's Degree in Finance from Iona College in 1994.

In addition to being a successful businesswoman, she was the mother of William and Bryan, and a loving wife to her husband, Chris. She was the daughter of Kevin and Anne Marie Pettus, and sister to Keith and Peggy Pettus. Laura had four nieces and nephews: Rory and Grace Pettus, and Brendan and Erin O'Shea. She was the daughter-in-law of Helen Longing and sister-in-law of Dierdre Pettus, Donna O'Shea, John O'Shea, Lorraine Longing, and Anne Longing.

In her leisure time, Laura loved the outdoors. She spent much time camping, and playing golf and softball.

She touched the lives of her family, friends, and coworkers. She put the needs of others before her own. Although she lost her life in the World Trade Center tragedies of September 11, 2001, she lives on in the memories of those she loved and who loved her.

It is our privilege to honor her memory as one who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country in the name of freedom. Laura M. Longing is truly a hero worthy of recognition on this day and on all that follow.

DaisyMae Maus & the Feline Americans (and Jessica, especially)

Saturday, September 05, 2009

World's Best Cat Litter lives up to its name!

If you remember a few posts ago, our furriend Drew who works for World's Best Cat Litter sent us a free bag to test (an' a link to a $4.00 off coupon) so that we could try his company's product. Many of you commented that you'd used this litter an' that you really liked it.

Well, we're a picky bunch an' we've used Target's brand of
litter for a really long time ... But Mom's been trying to find something that won't stick between Pumpkin's paw pads like clay litter does. Pumpkin had a stroke about nine weeks ago an' now he's not as able to control his rear legs. He's super fastidious, though ... An' having wet clay litter stuck to his paws makes him pretty upset.

Enter World's Best Cat Litter! This litter isn't made of clay at all; it's made of ground up corn. The pieces are a little larger than clay pieces, but they don't clump up into painful, sharp rocks like clay. The corn does a terrific job of eliminating odors (both ammonia and fecal) making it far superior to our current litter in that aspect.

Drew sent along a special metal scoop that works just fine if you're policing the box more than once a day. Mom likes to use a mesh trash bin to make the job faster ('cuz we have four litter boxes), but the World's Best Cat Litter doesn't go through the mesh: It's too big. That's Mom's only complaint.

World's Best Cat Litter is available at Petco and PetsMart stores ( and, too) in addition to online at World's Best Cat Litter and other online retailers of pet products.

The company has reworked its packaging, so you might not find the yellow packages anymore. Additionally, labels have changed. This is the information from the company:


Still made from naturally absorbent whole-kernel corn, World's Best Cat Litter™ is getting new packaging. Fall 2009, look for our new packages on store shelves everywhere.

Please note that our actual product formulas HAVE NOT CHANGED! World's Best Cat Litter™ is made using the same patented, scientifically proven process and all natural, whole-kernel corn that has always delivered unsurpassed odor control, faster clumping and longer-lasting use.

We are, however, changing the formula names to better reflect our clumping performance. Our Original Formula is now called World's Best Cat Litter™ Clumping Formula. And our Extra Strength Multiple Cat Formula is now called World's Best Cat Litter™ Multiple Cat Clumping Formula. Both are still 100% all natural!

We like the product that we tried. It did exactly what we expected with the added bonus of far superior odor elimination. Pumpkin especially likes the fact that it doesn't make litter rocks between his toes. We're gonna take our coupon down to PetsMart an' stock up on World's Best Cat Litter 'cuz it lives up to its name.

Thanks Drew! We appreciate your lettin' us try your product. It's terrific.