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Friday, January 20, 2012

A Mystery?

On June 20th, 2003, Lucky Charmz ... known as Charmee ... came into our lives as a tiny little fellow with white furs, a light brown stripy crew cut, and a dark brown K-Mart tail. He didn’t look like any cats from our neighborhood. We know this ‘cuz we spend lots of time watching the street from our perches in the windows, an’ the only cats we saw were brown Tabbies or Orinch. Charmee is mostly Meezer. Oh, an’ his eyes are blue.

The date is familiar to us ‘cuz it was Mom’s last day of school before summer vacation an’ it was Grandma an’ Grandad’s anniversary. They were with us ‘cuz Mom got them a gift card to a restaurant as a present an’ they were going to redeem it. Grandma was driving an’ Grandad was waiting to get in the green masheen when he suddenly hollered, “STOP!” Grandma put on the brakes an’ Grandad looked near the rear tires where he saw Charmee walking. He scooped up Charmee an’ brought him into the house where Mom was cutting her hair. Grandma came in, too. She an’ Mom examined Charmee who was laying quietly in Grandma’s hands. She filled the sink with warm water while Mom got the cat shampoo, an’ they gave Charmee a bath to get rid of the myriad fleas that were feasting on his tender kitten self. He LOVED the warm bath and all of the attention, so he immediately started to purr. He purred an’ purred while Mom dried him off. Mom decided to keep him ‘cuz his eyes were blue like hers. Grandma called him “Lucky” an’ Mom’s “Prince Charming,” so his name became Lucky Charmz.

The big mystery is: Where did he come from? Who was his momma? and Why would someone put a tiny little fellow like he was under an SUV where he would assuredly be killed?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

SOPA: We need to band together!

Join us in protesting SOPA! This affects all of us with blogs! Post something like this on your blog or if you can go with a blackout. (And please pass this on!)

There is a bill in Congress that will affect your rights on the web and will censor all web sites, blogs, etc. In a nutshell :
SOPA explicitly states that companies will be liable for everything their users post. Sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, Wikipedia, or any sites that allow user generated content CANNOT exist under these laws. Immediately after this bill is passed, you will see the media mafia (MPIAA, RIAA, etc) replacing websites like Wikipedia with commercialized encyclopedia software. Mainstream media outlets will not cover this bill because they are the ones lobbying for it.

If you want to know more - Google created a doc to read and inform - SOPA for Dummies.

To help you do this stop by Fight the Wall and connect with your Representative!

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