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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Why we haven't been blogging or visiting lately ...

Now that she's feeling better-ish, Mom has told us that we can start blogging again, but with limitations. From February 12 - February 24th, Mom was in Kaiser Zion Hospital's surgical ward getting her right pinky toe amputated 'cuz she caught a staph infection in a blister she had from some new shoes an' it got gangrene an' had to get removed. Then they had to remove some spongy bone from that foot, too. Oh, an' she found out that she's a Type 2 diabetic and has high blood pressure, too.

Since she's recovering from her surgery, she wears a wound-vac on her right foot an' has to have home care nurses three times a week. They don't want cat hair in the wound, so we're banished from the bedroom, but we snoopervise anyway (no one's gonna stop me from being Velcro-ed to Mom!)

She is under "house arrest" an' can't do ANYTHING but go to doctor appointments until her podiatrist clears her, so we've been cuddling.

That's the story for now.
DMM, Sparky Fuzzypants an' "Nurse" Charmee