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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy Squillions Day, efurryone!

Thanks to our furriend ... Tara, Princess Meezer ... for remindin' us of Squillions Day! We wanna wish a happy day to Coconut Flake an' Pinky Schwinn who are our Virtual Squillions from the Cat Blogosphere Animal Shelter, an' to all of the squillions that Mom painted for our cousins an' furriends over the years. We wish efurry squillion a most excellent day!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

He's gettin' better all the ti-iii-iiimmme!

To crib from the Beatles ... "Better, better, bettttt-ttah!"

Yes. Our orinch ruffian, Pumpkin, is feeling so much better on 4 ccs of insulin in the morning and four in the evening. Mom knows that he's feelin' better because he's been singing in the hallway an' he's gotten up on the bed! Mr. P hasn't been up on the bed for nearly a YEAR.

Thanks to efurryone who has been keepin' him in purrs an' purrayers since he took ill. The power of the blogosphere never ceases to boggle my mind. You all are totally pawesome!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day 2010

We wanna wish all of our Valentines an extra wonderful Valentine's Day today!

Charmee is sendin' smooches to Miss Willow ... He's also winkin' at her!

Sweet Miss China Cat is Cocoa Puff's sweetie again this year ...

Pumpkin is extra happy to be Miss Dazey's Valentine for the fourth year in a row ... He's extra happy to tell her that he's feelin' much better an' that he's gettin' his diabetes under control so that they can have MANY more years together as Valentines.

Sparky Fuzzypants is gettin' used to bein' stag on Valentine's Day ... In fact, he's Mom's Valentine an' has been keepin' the foot of her bed extra snuggly today so he can make her some Valentine's Day biscuits ... Hubba, hubba!

An' my Valentine again this year is the super-suave an' totally "geezer" Rocky the Gutter Cat. He sent a wonderfu present of primo 'nip, a 'nip heart (ready for bunnykickin'), an' a mushy card. I HEART You, too!


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Four-day Weekend ...

It's the long weekend an' Mom has been spending time at home with us cuddling an' watching hours of television that she's recorded on the DVR. Not too bad a way to spend days off.

But Pumpkin an' Puffy went to the v-e-t yesterday for some shots an' bloodwork. Pumpkin's blood sugar level hasn't stabilized, so he's gonna get a larger dose of insulin to see if it will help. An' now the v-e-t thinks that Puffy might be diabetic, too ... His weight keeps vascillating an' his sugar was over 400, but the v-e-t thinks that MIGHT be because he was nervous an' scared. I don't blame him 'cuz the PTU is scary an' so is riding in the green masheen an' hearin' woofies barkin' in the hospital an' smellin' that terrible V-E-T smell. Don't get me started about gettin' goosed by a thermometer an' bein' put into a cage ...

So, things weren't furry pleasant for the Feline Americans for the first part of our weekend ...

But they were good for ME! I got a Valentine from Rocky with a big bag of primo 'nip (Yeeoowww! is the BEST!), a big furry heart from Siamese Rescue that says "Lick Me! Bite Me! Bunnykick Me!", an' a super sweet card from Rocky himself. Wow! He sure does make a Spicy Vixen like myself feel super special for Valentine's Day! Thank you, Rocky! Smooches!

I'm gonna post my Valentine's Day photos of the openin' of the package tomorrow ... Don't tell Rocky, but the Feline Americans have all bunnykicked that fragrant heart about ... Even Pumpkin!!

'Til tomorrow ...