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Sunday, February 05, 2012

Sooper Bowl shoppin'

Mom an' Grandma went out shoppin' to investigate Smart cars 'cuz Uncle James' Honda Passport died this week an' he needs wheels to get to his job. Since he can't afford furry much in the way of cars, he's gonna lease something small an' inexpensive. Mom has been reading about those totally cute Smart cars, so she an' Grandma drove to Kearny Mesa to look at 'em an' take a test drive. Apparently, Smart cars are part of the Mercedes-Benz auto group an' Siri on Mom's iPhone is pretty stupid 'cuz Siri couldn't find 'em easily. But Mom is pretty smart an' knows her city an' country quite well. They found 'em an' sat in a bunch of 'em.

Uncle James will be getting one called Passion. That one comes in Pink Hello Kitty!. I don't think he's getting that one, though. Drat!

He has an interview for a teaching job tomorrow in the early afternoon (paws crossed!) an' will sign the lease for his new wheels after that. Yay!