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Monday, December 31, 2012

DaisyMae Maus: August 1993 - December 2012

Rest In Peace, Honey Maus ...

After the events of this morning, I thought that I had gotten through the worst parts of losing DaisyMae Maus, but I found myself unable to finish my supper this evening because no little Tuxedo face looked up at me from the floor beside my chair imploring me for a sniff and/or a bite of what I was eating.  She has always been there to share at mealtimes ... And if it were something that she really, really liked, she’d bob her head up and down like a pigeon and say “hmmph” until I gave her some.

She was my everything ... the “one” ... that perfect friend ... my “lobster.”  Of the thirteen cats I’ve lived with during my lifetime, she is the only one who chose me, who sought me out, because she wanted to be with me.  I’ve known her all but eight weeks of her life (she’s lived with me for sixteen years as of today).  I’ve shared those years first with her sleeping on the aluminum shed top beside my bedroom window, and then with her sleeping on the pillow beside my head; waiting in the window while I was at work; resting beneath my chin on the floor while I read the newspaper.  Nothing she did was ever only for her:  she was totally unselfish with her affections.  Her last day on this earth was the ultimate unselfish act on her part.  She lived through 2012 with me because she knew that I needed her.  When I had my health crisis back in February, she waited for me and helped to snoopervise the home health nurses as I regained my health.  She tolerated B12 shots and subQ fluids that must have been painful and uncomfortable so that she could support me.  But she knew.  She’d given herself an “expiration date” and chose the last day of a difficult year to take her last breaths in order to insure that 2013 wouldn’t be one of sorrow for me.  Call it anthropomorphism if you will, but she was thinking ... unselfishly ... of me.

I do believe wholeheartedly in “the Rainbow Bridge” and I sincerely hope that, when my turn comes, she’ll meet me there -- I can’t imagine that Eternity would be all that wonderful without her there with me.

I love you.  I will ALWAYS love you and miss you, Baby Girl!
DaisyMae Maus -- August 1993 - December 31, 2012
“Fly free, Bright Angel,  fly free.”

DMM is gone ...

At 9:43 this morning, on her sixteenth gotchaversary, DMM was helped to the Bridge and died peacefully while I stood at her side. Eulogy will follow when I can see straight and have had some time to reflect ...

Sunday, December 30, 2012

DMM's Gotcha Day!

It was sixteen years ago on December 31, 1996, that DaisyMaeMaus and her brofur, Huckleberry Finn (Finny), moved in with me after spending most of their lives with me instead of their original owners. Finny has been gone for nearly eight years, but sweet Miss DMM is still hanging in there ...
Here's to more time with my baby girl.

Happy Gotchaversary!

And happy 2013 to efurryone!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

ChristMaus Lights!

Mom snapped this photo of neighborhood lights last night!