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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt #98: FURRY

Today's Photo Hunter's theme is FURRY!

Talk about a theme that's right up our alley! FURRY is definitely somethin' that cats can wrap their creativity around, huh?

This is Mom's favorite photo of Sparky Fuzzypants ... I'm sure that you agree with me: The boy is FURRY!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Not so sleepy on Sunday ...

Wow. It's already January 25th.

It's been a month since ChristMAUS an' so much has happened!

We rang in 2009 with 'tato chips an' Mom.

Mom deserted us to go back to work.

Our woofie furriend Whimpy took himself to the Bridge.

We inaugurated a brand new president who stands for "hope" an' "change" (two things that our country desperately needs).

Mom started doin' her income tax forms (an' if there's lots of money left, she's gonna get us one of those space-ship sleeping places like Daisy's an' Latte's).

Our Uncle James finished his student teaching an' is now employable (if only there were some open teaching jobs).

An' Mom made forty red rose vanilla pops with green leaves for the dean of activities at her school.

Gosh. That seems like a whole lot to have done in thirty-one days.

Maybe we're sleepy after all ...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hope•Change•Progress: Inauguration Day 2009

This is post 1,001 for DaisyMae Maus and the Feline Americans and it comes at the dawn of a new era.  The Feline Americans an' I are enthusiastic Cats for Obama! supporting all the other devotees who posted their photos.

January 20, 2009 is Inauguration Day for the 44th President of the United States:  Barack Obama.  We couldn't be prouder to be demoCATS.
On this day, we're especially hopeful and ready for the tide to turn.  

We're anticipating swift economic recovery and an end to one of the worst presidencies in recent history. 

We're ready for change and we're ready for progress.  

We're ready for things to get better for our citizens and ... we're definitely ready for our soldiers to COME HOME.

Today, let's everyone direct our karmic thoughts on Washington, D.C. and channel our energy on directing positive change!

Our time has come! 

Long live Barack Obama! Long live Joseph Biden! 

God Bless the United States of America!
BTW:  Mom said that she's gonna put the television on in her classroom an' let her students watch the inauguration an' festivities as they occur.  She told us that "history" this important doesn't happen efurryday an' she wants to be a part of it (even if the part is very small).  She also said that this event will be one of those "where were you when?" types of events, so she's gonna leave the television on for us at home, too.  Obama rocks!

Graphics courtesy of

Monday, January 19, 2009

In Rememberance of Whimpy ...

At about 11:00 this morning, our dear furriend Whimpy ... woofie of our Aunt Montie an' Mom's "rent-a-dog" ... took himself to the Bridge. He had been feeling poorly for the past few months. We're very leaky-eyed. Charmee spent his monies on a bouquet of flowers to brighten our Aunt Montie's spirits ...

On a happier note, this is our 1,000th post.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt #97: HAT(S)

Today's Photo Hunter's theme is HAT(s)!

This "hat" is one of Mom's favorites ... an' she loves this picture of me 'cuz she says that I look like I'm ready to put the bitey on anyone who laughs ...

Hey! I heard that!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

We voted for DAISY the CURLY CAT!


Our great furriend, Daisy the Curly Cat should've won the "Best Pet Blog 2008" award, but she was ROBBED by some foul-mouthed penguins!

We're protesting along with the rest of the blogosphere an' awarding Daisy the Curly Cat instead!


Monday, January 12, 2009

The HOTS are back!

Just a little question ... Can you believe that it's nearly 5:00 PM on JANUARY 12th in the northern hemisphere (in other words, it's WINTER) an' it's 78 degrees Fahrenheit?

We've got one of our "winter" Santa Ana winds goin' on, so it's pretty darn hot. I'm not really tryin' to rub it in for those of you with snow an' wind-chill-factors ... but it's pretty darn hot. Yep, "pretty darn hot" is about as bad as "pretty darn cold."


Mmmmm on Monday!

My Chargers lost.

Mom went to an 'spensive "pets" store in Del Mar called The Daily Pet an' bought some cans of Tiki Cat food to soothe my football-related misery. She says that this can of food cost nearly $2.00! It must be pretty special!

This is the flavor that the Feline Americans an' I had for dinner on Sunday night. Mom bought a GINORMOUS can (remember, $2.00!), so we get to have the rest of it today. Our dinner is only a teaspoon of wet food. We eat Eukanuba kibbles an' Temptations, too.

We know that some of our furriends ... including Millie ... LOVE Tiki Cat, so we're tryin' it, too. Mom says that we need a break from our typical dinner of Fancy Feast Elegant Medley's chicken with egg souffle ... but she's wary of trying other stuff 'cuz Cocoa Puff has "litterbox problems" when the food is too rich or too yummy or too fishy.

I'm keepin' my paws crossed that there isn't a problem in the 'box tonight so that we can open the other cans! I'm interested in the chicken ones an' the tilapia. Mom wouldn't get us the sardines or crab or mackeral ... Past experience says "no" on those flavors.

Wish us luck!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt #96: AFTERMATH

Today's Photo Hunter's theme is AFTERMATH! If I was tryin' to be funny, I might show a picture of Mom's classroom door 'cuz Reading comes AFTERMATH! Hee, hee!

But instead, I'll be showin' a photo of what our Thanksgiving turkey looked like after all of us ate as much of the juicy gobbler as we could handle an' all that was left in the AFTERMATH of the feast was a pretty picked over carcass.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Thursday Thirteen ... Real patience!

Mom's friend Darleen sent this group of photos taken of a REALLY patient little ginger dood an' a birdie that I'D call "Yummy Lunch" ...

That fev-ver must be kinda like those Las Vegas doods who stick their heads in the mouths of ginormous lions an' tigers!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Learned somethin' on Tuesday

Mom was shoppin' at her favorite online store: an' she found this quiz:

I took the 43 Things Personality Quiz and found out I'm a
Money Managing Tree Hugging De-Clutterer

Interestingly, 0% of the 39902 people who took the quiz before her were shared her profile ... Mom IS one-of-a-kind afterall!


Monday, January 05, 2009

Take the Daisy the Curly Cat quiz!

I was over at Skeezix's bloggie where I noticed a link to a quiz 'bout Daisy the Curly Cat that I had to take ('cuz I know a whole bunch 'bout Miss Daisy an' her bloggie.

I believe that my certificate an' an outstanding non-bitey-inducing score of 9/10 demonstrates my knowledge of Daisy! Pretty darn spiffy, huh?

After I took the Curly Quiz, I clicked the link to vote for Daisy in the 2008 Weblog Awards 'cuz she's a FINALIST! Be sure that you click on that link an' vote for her instead of those Cheezburger doods. Okay?

ManCat Monday: Pouting 'cuz Mom's back to work today.

We believe that the title of this posting says it all:  Sigh.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt #95: HOPE

Today's Photo Hunter's theme is HOPE!

I know that for Photo Hunts, I'm supposed to present a PHOTOGRAPH to represent the week's theme ... but cats aren't allowed in Qualcomm Stadium (I can't imagine why), so I can't take a real photo there.

So I'm using the photo that Maggy & Zoey of Zoolatry made for me last season when my San Diego Chargers were in the playoffs.

This afternoon at 5:00 PST, my San Diego Chargers will be playing "the feetball" against Peyton Manning an' those Colts of Indianapolis in the first round of the playoffs.

Of course, I HOPE  that my San Diego Chargers whip up on those Colts.  A Chargers win is good for our local economy.