Life is my litterbox ... Grab the SCOOP!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I left an' came back!

The last couple of days I habn't felt berry good an' I went potty on the lady's pillows TWO times so today the Lady blocked the kitty doors an' put plasticks on the softy furniture before she left mine howse.  An' eben though I was furry glad to see her when she came home from werks, she still taked me outta mine howse in the PTU an' drived me in the black masheen to a stabby place where mine bloods were stolen an' mine pee-pees, too!  The Lady said that I was good girl when the stabby lady poked mine bunnies wif somfing cold an' sticky.  I did NOT put the bitey on hers fingers eben though I could hab!  An' then mine Lady LEFT ME THERE!  But she came back for me an' I was so happee to see her!  Mine Lady gave me a ride to mine howse an' gave me foods an' a fresh drink of water an' let me sleeps on the bed wif her again.  An' I feel better, too.

Friday, January 17, 2014

The lady says ...

The Lady was saying stuff to me this morning when I was holding down the bed an' snoopervizing the noisy pillows an' I don't like what she said! She said mine name an' "no, no."  I like to test the crispness of the noisy pillows when I first wake up an' it's still dark in mine sleeping room!  I test them by pouncing them with my mighty Maine Coon feets!  I can hear them being very crispy by the Lady's head.  I like crispy stuffs!  Banzai!