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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Toffee's Resolutions for 2015

Since dis is MINE blog, I am making MINE resolutions for 2015 ...

1.  Blog more.  Make more postings 'bout mine activities an' ME!

2.  BISIT more of the blogs of mine furriends.

3.  EAT more treats an' Fancy Feast Broths.  New flavors wif chick-hen are coming in 2015 an' I want dem for ME!

4.  CUDDLE more 'cause I am a furry good cuddler.  The Lady says that I am!

5.  Blog for PEACE.

6.  Send lots of holiday cards like I did in 2014.  The man in the bloo shorts said that I have many, many furriends.  I do.

7.  Purrticipate in Secret Paws again ... for my THIRD time.

8.  Play wif more toys.  I have lots an' lots of toys an' the Lady says that I could play wif them ... They are MINE toys.

9.  Use up all of the green litter box bags so that I can get PURPLE ones.  I use mine litter box a whole bunch an' I habs green litter box bags for scooping.

10.  Learn to get up on laps, eat bacon, an' let the grandma lady and grandpa man pets me wifout shivering.  The big uncle is too scary.

This is mine checklist.  I wanna try deese fings ober the next twelve monphs.


It's been two years ...

Time passes.  In some cases, it passes more quickly than we'd imagine.  Two years ago, my life changed drastically when DMM, the cat of my heart and my soul-mate, ran off for the Bridge after living with me for the lion's share of her nineteen years.

Not a day passes that I don't miss her with every fiber of my being.

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Dona Nobis Pacem

This is Toffee's contribution to the 2014 Blog Blast for Peace and she wants to encourage efurryone to join her Maine Coon purrs devoted to the cause of peace in the world.  In the past year, Toffee has grown both as a cat and as a blogger experiencing many "firsts" including a first 'gotchaversary," a first "Secret Paws," and a first costume for Hallowe'en.  It's been a momentous year for her and she would like to continue this year by experiencing some peace, too.  C'mob, everybody:  Give PEACE a chance!
Toffee & Jessica

Sunday, October 05, 2014

It's Toffee's FIRST Gotchaversary!

One year ago, on October 6, 2013, Toffee was adopted from PetSmart on Main Street in Chula Vista, California.  She had come from a kill shelter.  After her original owner had died from cancer, the man's daughter hadn't wanted her and dumped her at a 'shelter' where she was doomed.  Joanie noticed her uniquely Maine Cooniness and brought her to PetSmart where she languished in her plexiglass display prison for a very long time until we met that fateful Sunday and I fell in love with her little foxy face and the little smear of orinch atop her forehead.  Her name was 'Frieda' ... She immediately became Toffee Kyoot Ripple Fuzzypants in honor of Feline Americans Fudge Ripple and Sparky Fuzzypants ... and the blogosphere icon Skeezix the Cat.

She has come such a long way in a year. She's still timid and skittish, but she knows her name and where she sleeps .. and who loves her.  She knows when it's 5:00 PM because that means 'cat dinner' is coming.  She isn't that talkative, but she does chatter when she sees me after I've been at work or out shopping.

I know that her life is better because I am in it.  I hope that SHE knows that MY life is better because she's in it, too.

Happy Gotcha Day to my 'Fee ... I love you, Monkey Girl!

Friday, August 08, 2014

It's been a year ...

August 8th marks one year since Charmee ran off to the Bridge to be with the rest of the Feline Americans.  I miss my boy ...

Monday, August 04, 2014

Back on August 4th, 1988 ...

MeeMaw and three Feline American kittens, the 'original' three Feline Americans, came into my life twenty-six years ago today!  I sure do miss Percy, Cookie Monster, and my runty girl, Lacey Bunnz.  They were five weeks old when I met them for the first time and they changed me forever.

Happy Gotchaversary to my first kitties.  I sure do miss you!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Happy Birfday to Angel Cocoa Puff

Back in 1997, the Lady was at the stabby place waiting to pick up Angel Huckleberry when a pair of skinny black arms wif long, sharp clawrs reached out from a little square cage an' gwabbed her leg.  The skinny arms belonged to a black froot bat who was trying to convince the Lady to take him home wif her.  He was five weeks old an' weighed twelve ounces.  He had a loooong black tail, but no whiskers.  He had broken them off.  The Lady tried to ignore him, but he made that impossible when he tipped his water bowl over and drug the empty dish into his litter box so that he could stand atop it and be bigger!  The Lady 'dopted him and the techs at the stabby place were furry happy to see him go 'cuz he was noisy an' a pest.  They had named him 'Killer' ... The Lady immediately changed his name to Cocoa Francis Puff.  They were furry happy together.  He was neither noisy nor a pest the whole remainder of his life.

Happy birthday to Cocoa Francis at the Bridge.

Friday, July 04, 2014

Happy Birfday to our first Feline Americans

The lady wanted me to say somfing about those first Feline Americans who entered her life twenty-six years ago!  Those first kitties, along wif their momma, MeeMaw, came to live wif the lady back in 1988.  Happy Birfday to them at the Bridge:  Percy, Lacey Bunz, an' Cookie Monster (who looked whole bunches like me wif his brown furs an' stripes).
Happy Birfday an' Happy Fourth of July!

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Today is Angel Sparky's Gotchaversary

In 1998, a neighborhood boy brought me a hissy little striped furball.  He was about six weeks old, terrified, malnourished, and flea-bitten.  His back legs were weak and he didn't look like he stood much of a chance.  My mother named him Sparky since it was so close to the Fourth of July.  I added the 'Fuzzypants'.  He turned into a beautiful mancat and he shared my life for thirteen years.
Happy Gotcha Day, Spark! 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Today is Angel Charmee's Gotchaversary

I can't believe that it's nearly been a year since Charmee went across the Rainbow Bridge.  Today was his Gotchaversary and he would have been eleven.  I sure do miss him.  I hear his voice often and it's usually just the washing machine squeaking, but I like to think that it's him sitting atop the refrigerator taunting me so I'll climb up and grab him.  Sigh.  I miss my boy.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Earf Day!

Today is Earf Day, efurryone!  I am cellybrating by posting dis picture of da Earf made by the Zoolatry gurls, Maggie an' Zoey.  Fank yoo!

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Six years old!

Today is Toffee's sixth birthday AND her six-month Gotchaversary all rolled up in one!

I want to remind Toffee that the past six months with her have been eventful with the hiding, the UTIs, the Sobakawa pillows, trips to the v-e-t, and baths.  But the purrs, and pets, and milestones have been pretty wonderful, too.  I wouldn't change anything about our six months together and I look forward to the rest of our forever.

Happy Birthday to my Monkey Girl, my baby girl, my Toffee Kyoot Ripple Fuzzypants!

Jessica, your "the Lady"

Monday, March 31, 2014

Toffee's SIXTH birthday!

Miss Toffee will be six years old on Sunday and we will be celebrating six whole months together as a fambly!  It's so hard to believe that six months have passed!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Uh oh ...

The Lady is not too happy dat I pee-peed on her bed again.  The last Sobakawa pillow is inna trash an' I am seein' dat v-e-t tomorrow for more antibiotics.  The Lady finks dat the UTI is back.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I left an' came back!

The last couple of days I habn't felt berry good an' I went potty on the lady's pillows TWO times so today the Lady blocked the kitty doors an' put plasticks on the softy furniture before she left mine howse.  An' eben though I was furry glad to see her when she came home from werks, she still taked me outta mine howse in the PTU an' drived me in the black masheen to a stabby place where mine bloods were stolen an' mine pee-pees, too!  The Lady said that I was good girl when the stabby lady poked mine bunnies wif somfing cold an' sticky.  I did NOT put the bitey on hers fingers eben though I could hab!  An' then mine Lady LEFT ME THERE!  But she came back for me an' I was so happee to see her!  Mine Lady gave me a ride to mine howse an' gave me foods an' a fresh drink of water an' let me sleeps on the bed wif her again.  An' I feel better, too.

Friday, January 17, 2014

The lady says ...

The Lady was saying stuff to me this morning when I was holding down the bed an' snoopervizing the noisy pillows an' I don't like what she said! She said mine name an' "no, no."  I like to test the crispness of the noisy pillows when I first wake up an' it's still dark in mine sleeping room!  I test them by pouncing them with my mighty Maine Coon feets!  I can hear them being very crispy by the Lady's head.  I like crispy stuffs!  Banzai!